California Riding Magazine • September, 2014

Saves Horse Owners Up to
25% Every Month
SmartPak's SmartCombo Line of Supplements Offers
Multi-Purpose Support for Every Horse

Many horses need support in four key areas: joint, hoof, coat, and digestion. Smart horse owners can cover all of these bases with SmartPak's comprehensive line of multi-purpose SmartCombo supplements.

Exclusive to the SmartSupplements™ line are four SmartCombo™ products:
• SmartCombo Pellets
• SmartCombo Ultra Pellets
• SmartCombo Senior Pellets
• SmartCombo Senior Ultra Pellets

The SmartCombo formulas combine the active ingredients from several best-selling products into one smart solution. The SmartCombo line makes it easy to give horses of any age the ultimate comprehensive support, as well as saving up to 25% over purchasing the products individually.

"Supporting joint, hoof, and digestive health helps gives your horse a solid foundation for success," said Kerri Vuolo, SmartPak's Senior Marketing Manager for SmartSupplements. "Your horse deserves the very best support, whether he is young, middle aged, or a beloved golden oldie."

SmartCombo Pellets and SmartCombo Ultra Pellets provide support for young and middle-aged horses in light to heavy work. SmartCombo Ultra is designed for the horse in heavy work who needs a higher level of support for his joints, tendons, ligaments, hooves, coat, and hindgut.

SmartCombo Senior Pellets and SmartCombo Senior Ultra Pellets are designed specifically for older horses, to help them enjoy their golden years and keep them going strong. SmartCombo Senior Ultra is intended for the active senior who needs extra support to help keep his joints feeling good, his hooves strong, his coat gleaming, and his hindgut healthy.

As an added benefit, by ordering SmartCombo Ultra or SmartCombo Senior Ultra in SmartPaks, horse owners are eligible to apply for ColiCare, SmartPak's free, $7500 colic surgery reimbursement program.

Whether young or old, competing or retired, there is a SmartCombo product that is right for your horse. With every SmartCombo formula, you can get the comprehensive support your horse deserves and save! today to get started.

Press release provided by SmartPak.