California Riding Magazine • September, 2014

Electronic Vet and the
EVet Certificate
Digital health certificates are among new company's efforts to harness information technology for horses' benefit.

"As long as I can remember, I have wanted to help people." says Barbara Blasko, M.D. Barb grew up on Long Island, NY riding horses from the age of 8. She competed on the East Coast A circuit as a junior. Called to medicine, Barb attended SUNY Stony Brook for both undergraduate and medical school. Internship and residency in emergency medicine were completed in California at UC Irvine.
"Within the medical field, I have watched technology transform patient care. Having the ability to access medical records, obtain virtual consultations with specialists, and observe remote specialty management of patients, led me to obtain a graduate degree in informatics." Informatics is - in a general sense - the science of information. For academics, it combines information processing, utilizing computer science, with the engineering of information systems.

As informatics greatly eased and improved the efficiency of current hospital practices, Dr. Blasko developed the same technology for use in the equine industry. Recently, horse shows and other competitive equine activities were impacted by contagious diseases afflicting equine athletes and disrupting major competitions. The urgent need for greater bio-security for show horses motivated Barb to develop Electronic Vet and the EVet Certificate. Combining her years of experience in medicine and her expertise in informatics with her love of horses, Dr. Blasko created an exciting new way for veterinarians and horse owners to maintain records and access data quickly with ease and accuracy.

EVet Certificate uses a secure, comprehensive online database, which alleviates the need for multiple paper copies of vaccination records and eliminates potential record damage or loss. It keeps a running log of all the horses' immunizations for the whole year, so whenever you register your horse, it will keep records of all vaccinations and Coggins tests for that year in chronological order. The information is ready to be printed in a format accepted by horse shows, or e-mailed directly to the show office as a PDF.

"We also provide an electronic medical record (EMR), which vets can use at the point of care to document lameness exams and pre-purchase exams," Dr. Blasko says. "It integrates photos and video so, for example, if you have a horse that you're doing a pre-purchase (exam) on, you can record all the flexion tests and save it right into the record." Applying the benefits of the EMR, Electronic Vet's telemedicine portal allows owners to consult remotely with their vets who don't always travel to shows. Residents in remote areas receive faster advice from their vets. Vets can easily handle a problem remotely or make an informed decision to refer on-site treatment.

Equine competitors' medical safety assurance is increasingly important, especially with heavy show schedules. Whether competing on a world circuit of elite tournaments or locally, often there are just days in between shows. This technology offers the fastest, most accurate and advanced way to protect our horses.

As a spectator of top-level show horses, and a competitor at the Adult and Amateur Owner levels, Dr. Blasko combined her passion with powerful but easy to use solutions for veterinary medical issues. Health Certificates, Electronic Medical Records and a Telemedicine Portal are the products to implement now. Owners and veterinarians can take advantage of Dr. Blasko's mission to deliver applications in human medicine to our beloved horses, ensuring their health and safety.

Article provided by Electronic Vet. For more information, visit or call 855-947-3222.