California Riding Magazine • July, 2014

Jackpot Probiotics
All-natural product helps horses extract and
utilize nutrients more efficiently.

Keeping horses healthy is the key to all ranches and barns. Here at WRT, we understand that horses are cared for as extensions of the immediate family on the farm. In order to ensure that livestock and horses are in good health and peak performance shape, WRT recommends the addition of all-natural probiotic formulas to routine nutritional programs.

Jackpot Probiotics bring beneficial soil-borne microbes (bacteria), created in nature, to the animals. The microbes in Jackpot help to naturally maintain the animals' digestive systems for optimum digestion of food.

Normally, beneficial soil microbes are ingested when a horse is grazing. Much of the time, small amounts of soil are ingested with the grass; this soil is where the microbes come into the digestive tract. Unfortunately, many horses are unable to graze as much as they need to and this is why they are unable to naturally sustain healthy levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut. The added stress from transport, changes in environment, and being kept in confined areas for long periods of time can affect horses' health. The addition of an all-natural probiotic formula can help mitigate the effects of these stresses along with others, including poor diet, de-worming and the overuse of antibiotics.

The benefits of using Jackpot Probiotics include, alleviated anxiety, healthier coats, improved weight gain, happier animals and animals that require less food and water as nutrient extraction becomes maximized.

The Jackpot formulas are highly effective and concentrated. Apply 1-2 oz per every 50 gallons of water or 1-2 drops directly on top of feed. Jackpot formulas are available for purchase in pints, quarts, gallons, 2.5 gall

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