California Riding Magazine • July, 2014

All is Well(-Horse) for Brian Bell
Million Dollar NRHA rider finds serious scratches relief with Well-Horse resin & foam.

Serious scratches and fungus problems on Brian Bell's top reining horses set him searching for a solution. "Our horses are worked daily in the dirt, which can aggravate small abrasions and scratches," he explains. "Dirt getting under their leg protection and daily washing further aggravate their skin, making scratches difficult to eliminate. Nothing worked until we tried Well-Horse Antibacterial Resin and Foam. Well-Horse cuts down the days needed to clear up extreme scratches, and acts as a preventative by building a moisture barrier on horses prone to break-outs. I love the original Well-Horse Resin, which forms a protective barrier against water and dirt, but the new Well-Horse Foam works great for hard to reach places like fetlocks."

Brian then tried Well-Horse on his young horses (2-year-olds) who, when learning to turn, were stepping on themselves and scraping the sensitive parts of their feet. "Applying Well-Horse Resin and Foam immediately after a scrape and they seem to heal overnight!" exclaims Brian. "In addition, we like that Well-Horse allows the hair to grow back the same color, is 100 percent safe, non-toxic and all natural, while still strong enough to kill bacteria and fungus."

Brian's illustrious career in the National Reining Horse world started at age 18 when he bested seasoned competitors to win the prestigious All American Quarter Horse Congress Non-Pro Futurity. He moved into the professional ranks in 1995 and has quickly made his mark there winning major event titles. Today, with lifetime earnings over a million dollars, he has won the prestigious NRHA World Championship title six times, as well as winning multiple Futurity and Derby Championships.

Award winning Well-Horse is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to the creation and development of organic equine products. The founder, Coco Fernandez, Master Farrier, operates a successful equine orthopedics farrier service on the Central Coast of California. Father-in-law, Tim Demma and daughter Ashley are the backbone and face of the company. They travel to many equine events and use social media to share the Well-Horse story. In addition to the legendary Well-Horse Antibacterial Resin and Foam, they also produce Thrush Off, which was selected as the top thrush herbal product, also by The Horse Journal. Thrush Off topped all herbal products for elimination of thrush. Thrush Off acts as an antibiotic, is non-toxic, non-caustic and heals sensitive or live tissue. Thrush Off is used for treatment/prevention of thrush, abscesses, quarter cracks, white line disease, etc.

Press release provided by Well-Horse. The company's products are available in most tack and feed stores and can be purchased online at For hotline questions, call 419-295-0474.