California Riding Magazine • July, 2014

Sweet Pro Feeds
Fermented feed supplements keep horses healthy from the inside out.

In today's next generation of non-molasses fermented feeds and supplements, every process and ingredient is geared toward improving nutrient utilization in the digestive tract, which, in turn, reflects itself in greatly improved horse health, performance and feed efficiency.
Leading edge fermented supplements, such as EquiPride® and EquiLix® from SweetPro Feeds of Walhalla, ND, are designed to minimize the need for a wide variety of malady-specific supplements. The goal of these "all-in-one" vitamin, mineral and digestive aids is to supplement forage so well that only minimal grain, if any, is needed for additional energy while helping to improve hooves, hair coat, joint lubricity, feed utilization, circulation and reduction of gastric problems. This is done by keeping the horse's digestive system operating at optimum efficiency.

A key feature of these fermented distillers grain based supplements is their broad blend of highly digestible nutrients and ingredients. This is accomplished by blending with macro minerals, electrolytes and organic-complexed trace minerals (Copper, Zinc & Manganese) for maximum bioavailability.

Part of the overall fermented blend (known as ProBiotein™ in the EquiPride® and EquiLix® supplements) consists of yeast grown on a media of various grains. In addition to the enzyme and nutrilite given off by yeast during this process, barley malt in the grain media has large amounts of liberated enzymes ready to operate in the horse's system. Yeast is also an excellent source of B vitamins for healthy hoof growth.
Also included in the blend is Omega3 fatty acid from flax. This assures that at least 10 percent of total fat is Omega3. Omega3 brings a needed balance to other fatty acids and helps counteract inflammation in the horse's body.

Prebiotic oligosaccharides; AXOS, XOS, MOS & FOS are also part of this technological breakthrough in fermented feed supplements. These prebiotics, along with BetaGlucan, feed and maintain native probiotic (gut microbiome) populations already in the digestive tract.  Along with digestive enzymes, they help improve equine feed utilization by 25 percent. This gives the horse's body the tools it needs directly from its daily feed and forage ration. The digestive enzymes themselves are in four classes, Amylolytic, Fibrolytic, Phospholytic and Proteolytic.

What does this mean for the horse?  Germination and fermentation make for a large enzymatic cocktail geared to metabolize the sugars, proteins and minerals of the daily intake. When the animal's digestive system is more efficient, then health, performance and utilization of the ration will improve.

As a result, feeding expenses can be reduced by up to 25 percent. These new fermented supplements must not be even inadvertently represented as pharmaceutical. Neither are they standard nutraceuticals, because the beneficial compounds are not isolated, but rather left in a blend.

Since healing and nutrition are partners, successfully improving nutrition helps provide the horse's body better "tools" to heal itself.

Article provided by SweetPro™ Feeds. For more information, visit and or call 800-327-9222.