California Riding Magazine • July, 2014

Integrity Performance
New gut health feed is specially designer for eventers.

Star Milling Company's new horse feed, Integrity Performance, is in stores now. In keeping with Star Milling's reputation for producing feed that promotes good gut health, Integrity Performance is designed specifically for event horses and those that need more fuel for performance.

Integrity Performance is low in protein and starch, and high in fat. It has high soluble fibers which promote gut integrity. Research has shown that fat is easier for the horse to turn into fuel. It's a more efficient feed for horses than grains and provides the energy they need to keep in top form throughout an entire event. And with Integrity Performance, you don't have to worry about them getting "hot."

Healthy for your horse, inside and out, Integrity Performance has beet pulp and soy hulls, which are great fiber sources, and flaxseed and rice bran, which improve the luster and condition of the coat.

Integrity Performance also contains Alltech® products with yeast culture ingredients that promote digestion. Feeding your horses Integrity Performance means you don't have to add vitamin or mineral supplements—it already meets the daily allowance required by the National Research Council's guidelines for performance horses.
Remember that good gut health makes the entire horse healthier.

Press release provided by Star Milling. To purchase Integrity Performance, visit your feed store today or visit to find a dealer near you.