California Riding Magazine • July, 2014

Metabolic and Endocrine Support
Two new SmartSupplements address common conditions.

SmartPak adds two new products, SmartMetabo-Lean™ and SmartPituitary Senior™, to its line of SmartSupplements™. SmartMetabo-Lean provides comprehensive support for horses with equine metabolic syndrome, while SmartPituitary Senior supports horses with endocrine challenges.

Horses that score 7, 8, or 9 on the 9-point Henneke Body Condition Scoring Scale are considered overweight, and a recent study found over 50 percent of horses and ponies to be overweight. Carrying too much weight may increase a horse's risk for numerous health issues, including equine metabolic syndrome (EMS). This health condition most commonly occurs in middle-aged horses (approximately 8-18 years) and is characterized by obesity, laminitis and insulin resistance, which is a failure of the body to properly respond to insulin, a vital hormone that transfers glucose from the bloodstream into tissues.

SmartMetabo-Lean is designed to aid in the management of insulin resistance and help horses achieve healthy weight, as part of a thoughtful diet and exercise program. The comprehensive formula supports normal metabolic function with ingredients such as:
Chromium and magnesium to support proper insulin function;
Vitamin E and other antioxidants to combat oxidative stress; and
Cinnamon and bitter melon to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

"Owners of easy keepers face numerous challenges in keeping unhealthy weight off their horses. While the priority is working with their veterinarian to design a comprehensive diet and exercise program for their horse, SmartMetabo-Lean may be an invaluable new tool in their management program," says Jessica Normand, SmartPak's Senior Director of SmartSupplements. "We carefully designed this formula to support a healthy metabolism. And to ensure the product is easy to feed to horses being given little to no grain, it comes as tasty pellets with no added sugar."

Studies suggest that 20 percent of horses over the age of 15 are affected by an endocrine disorder. SmartPak's other breakthrough supplement, SmartPituitary Senior, provides unparalleled support for aged horses with pituitary challenges. This unique formula contains ingredients to support normal immune function, maintain healthy muscle mass, and may help support normal shedding.

The comprehensive lineup of ingredients in SmartPituitary Senior include:

Adaptogenic herbs and powerful antioxidants to support normal immune function;
Essential amino acids to help maintain lean muscle;
Omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy hair coat.

SmartPituitary Senior contains no added sugar and also comes in tasty pellet form.

"Older horses are particularly prone to endocrine problems,"  says Dr. Lydia Gray, SmartPak's Staff Veterinarian. "This may lead to issues such as delayed shedding, muscle wasting, excessive drinking and urinating, abnormal sweating, recurrent infections, and a decline in overall appearance. Along with prescription medication and proper management, SmartPituitary Senior may provide complementary support to help keep your older horse healthy."

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