California Riding Magazine • July, 2014

Maximum Performance
Mineral and vitamin supplement is reformulated and relaunched.

Maximum PerformanceTM, the equine mineral and vitamin supplement, has been reformulated and is relaunched. The proprietary balanced formula of minerals and other nutrients is designed to support the optimal performance of the horse; whether it is on the race track, in the show arena, or in your backyard.

Maximum Performance was designed by Howard Roberts, a successful horse trainer and winner of 96 World Championships. Howard's belief about horses is clear – they will always perform better when they are sound and healthy. Poor bone density, lacking bone mass, weak connective tissue, and poorly nourished ligaments cause a horse to become sore or get injured. Preventing these soundness problems is essential in order to achieve optimal performance on the race track and in the show arena. Howard says, "You can have the best blooded horse, but if his nutrition requirements are not met – he will be a zero. And you can have an average-bred horse who has good nutrition – and he will excel." Howard believes in enabling your horse to be the best he can be.

Catherine Adams Hutt, PhD, RD, CFS has been involved in the evolution of the product. Dr. Adams Hutt is an accomplished professional in the food and dietary supplement industry. She is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Food Scientist; helping companies improve their quality, food safety, regulatory compliance, and wellness platforms for over 30 years.

Catherine owns a horse and cattle ranch in Texas. She breeds and rides cutting horses, and has Thoroughbred race horses. She found Maximum Performance when one of her 2-year-old colts in training, RDR Catz In A Hat (aka Suess), went lame with diagnosis of OCD in the stifle and a bone spur in the hock.

The veterinarian's advice was to "turn him out for 30 days and feed him calcium." Catherine looked for the best calcium supplement; but because of her knowledge of nutrition, knew that there needed to be the proper balance of minerals and vitamins. She found Maximum Performance. In 30 days, Suess was sound and went back into cutting horse training. He remains sound and continues his training as a show horse in cutting.

Horses are athletes. Maximum Performance has the balance of minerals and vitamins targeted to promote peak muscle, bone, joint, vascular and hormonal health. The proprietary blend of nutrients in Maximum Performance supports:

• Protein synthesis and development of muscle mass
• Oxygen delivery to active muscles
• Rapid and prolonged muscle contractions in legs and other parts of the body, including the heart muscle pumping blood through the body
• Vasodilation for blood flow
• Conduction of nerve impulses to active muscles
• Strong bones with bone density and mass to help prevent injury
• Tendon and ligament health
• Shorter recovery times while maintaining muscle mass
• GI muscle contractions for normal digestive health
• Immunity to help prevent illness

An active horse requires greater levels of many nutrients and feeds may not provide all the nutrition that is required for a horse to perform at peak levels. Maximum Performance is designed to optimize the nutritional status of the horse by providing key minerals and vitamins, enabling it to be the best it can be. The formula provides a highly bioavailable source of calcium in balance with other key nutrients that support bone mass and density, and promotes healthy muscle and heart function. The blend of minerals include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc, selenium, iodine, copper, manganese and more. The formulation is designed to work synergistically to support strong muscle, robust heart function, active nerve conduction, and good immunity – which holistically support a healthy and active horse.

Maximum Performance has been reformulated for maximum positive effects, and is available in its new packaging formats: 50 lb bag, 3 ½ gallon bucket, and 10 lb pail.

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