California Riding Magazine • June, 2014

Medical compression bandages accelerate the body's healing mechanisms.

EquiCrown® medical compression bandages came to the horse market by way of the human market, where the idea of using compression to increase blood and lymph flow for therapeutic purposes has long been widely accepted.

When members of EquiCrown's parent company, Julius Zorn GmbH (aka "Juzo®"), had an incident with one of their horses, it was a no-brainer to try the concept out on horses' legs. That led to Juzo using its 100 years of experience with compression bandages for the human medical field to create EquiCrown, which was introduced to the veterinary medical and therapy world four years ago.

The bandages are an effective alternative to standing wraps. The age-old horseman's tradition for reducing inflammation and supporting the leg does provide compression if applied correctly, but therein lies the rub. Knowing just how much pressure to apply and, more so, making it even throughout the wrap are difficult endeavors with the risk of compromising circulation if not done right.

EquiCrown eliminates that risk by having a bandage precisely designed for a horse's leg anatomy, and made of material that has the "compression gradient" knitted into it to create consistent pressure throughout the area of coverage. The fabric is breathable and has a massaging effect thanks to its special weave. The bandages come in five standard leg sizes and an online sizing chart enables horseowners to easily figure out the best fit for their horse's legs. They are also available in custom sizes for hard-to-fit horses. Standard and custom size bandages can be adapted in various ways to extend the area of compression as needed.

Increasing blood and lymph flow helps speed the healing of injuries, recovery after exercise and keeps inflammation, and its damaging effect on joints, at bay. Oxygen carried in the blood has a healing effect and a freely flowing lymphatic system carries toxins to lymph nodes for treatment and elimination from the system. When these systems are not flowing well, toxins, heat and inflammation can camp out and do their damage.

EquiCrown focused on the racing industry when it debuted its equine products to the States in 2011. They have been well received in that world catering to elite equine athletes and equally so in the sporthorse disciplines including jumping, dressage and eventing. By spurring lymph and blood distribution, EquiCrown's bandages help the horse's body help itself, the ideal in horse care.

The compression bandages should be used during light work and downtime, rather than heavy work. Sturdy construction makes them suitable for use during stall time and during mild exercise in the ring or out in pasture.

Visit EquiCrown's booth at the Western States Horse Expo, June 13-15 in Sacramento. For more information on EquiCrown call 855-589-6372 or visit