California Riding Magazine • May, 2014

Test Rides Available
Innovative saddles backed by innovative programs.

Nan Meek & Helio Take A Test Ride: As ReactorPanel's PR representative, Nan Meek is expected to be enthusiastic about the company's saddles. But Nan is a devoted dressage rider, too. "Because I was going to be writing about them, I wanted to try one, of course," she says. "I loved it so much I bought one. It has given my 21-year old FEI schoolmaster, Helio Jerez 2000, even more joy in the arena. He's moving better than ever, and doing piaffe, passage and one-tempis like an 11-year-old. I've always been convinced that saddle fit makes all the difference to a horse's comfort and performance and the RP saddles, (a Tribute for Nan and Helio) take that to a new level. It's amazing!" Helio's Spanish Walk certainly suggests plenty of shoulder freedom.

ReactorPanel Saddle Company's completely new website highlights RP's industry-leading Two-Week Test Ride, Remote Fitting Support and Rehab Rental programs.

"We make it easy for people to test ride RP saddles on their own horses," explains RP Saddle Company CEO Carmi Weininger. "Twenty years in this business have shown us that the best way to experience the well-documented therapeutic effect of our saddles is to ride in one for two weeks. You can get curious about our saddles by reading about them, but to experience the life-changing results our customers report, you've got to ride in them."
Industry-Leading Programs

RP's Two-Week Test Ride Program is unique in the equestrian industry because RP saddles are only for sale after a successful Test Ride. Designed to ensure that the rider has enough time in the saddle to make a 100% satisfied purchase decision, the first two weeks are free, except transportation. A variety of lease options are available to extend the trial, and lease fees reduce the purchase price of the saddle that was tested.

RP's Remote Fitting Support Program, designed for riders to fit and adjust their own RP saddles, begins when the RP staff carefully selects a saddle based on photos and measurements of the horse and rider. RP then provides the rider with written instructions and how-to videos to prepare for the Remote Fitting Session, and an RP expert assists the rider in adjusting and fine-tuning the saddle fit via phone or FaceTime in a one-hour session.

 RP's Rehab Rental Program is the industry's first custom-fit, therapeutic saddle leasing program. Riders who are rehabilitating their horses can lease an RP saddle which is easily adjusted as the horse's body changes during the progress of rehabilitation. Weekly and monthly lease options are available.

"Our entire staff ride and we all take pride in helping riders help their horses," Carmi says. "Our commitment and service ethic goes back to our beginnings in the 1990s when most of our customers were driven to us by extremely severe saddling problems. Today, most people ride in RP saddles on horses with healthy backs, but we maintain our commitment to helping in therapeutic situations."
Dynamic Design for Harmony in Motion

RP's dynamic design was developed using computerized pressure testing, resulting in saddles that respond to the changing dynamics of the moving horse's body. RP saddles flex and adjust as required for each individual equine athlete, providing horse and rider with greater connection and harmony, improved performance and the ultimate in comfort.

 Proprietary ReactorPanel® technology makes flocking obsolete. RP's flexible panels and shock absorbers ensure equine comfort and freedom of movement, while panel shape is designed for optimal weight distribution and absolute shoulder freedom. Infinite adjustability is built into every RP saddle for lifelong fit.

 Satisfied customers call RP "the best buying experience ever" and RP's new website reflects that experience. Easy navigation takes visitors directly to the type of saddles and products that interest them, and to saddle fitting information for all saddle brands and riding disciplines.

Based in Oakland, the RP Saddle Company produces saddles for endurance, dressage, hunter/jumper, eventing, fox hunting and pleasure riding, as well as its own high-quality and comfortable girths and bridles, and distributes other products designed to benefit horse and rider. RP's industry-leading programs reflect the company's commitment to providing saddles that are good for horse and rider, and in delighting customers with exemplary service, integrity and fair policies.

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