California Riding Magazine • May, 2014

Rancho El Encanto
Farruco LXXXIII is a star among stars at accomplished P.R.E. breeding program in the Bay Area.


"It was love at first sight" for Dr. Ariel Martinez when he saw Farruco LXXXIII on his first trip to Spain. "When I saw him and his super movement, I decided right then that I had to have this magnificent horse."

And so it was that the pure Cartujano sire came to Aptos, in the Monterey Bay area, where he is the top stallion at Dr. Martinez' Rancho El Encanto.

Farruco has earned many accolades. He was 2009 Champion of Champions at Fiesta of the Spanish Horse, Champion of the Breed at Feria of the Spanish Horse, also in 2009, Champion of Champions in 2010 at Celebration in Las Vegas, and Absolute Champion of Feria of the Spanish Horse 2011. He was named High Point Stallion in 2009, with a score of 105.43 that remains unmatched to this day, Dr. Martinez points out with pride. He is, of course, a "qualified" Pura Raza Española, meaning he's certified to possess the breed's highest standard, in every measure, as a sire.

Farruco has over 30 offspring out in the world, two of which are champions in their own right. Celestina XI was 3-year-old champion in Las Vegas and twice a champion of movement. Favorita CCLII was the only champion at Celebration and Feria of the Spanish Horse in 2013, Dr. Martinez relays.

As the primary sire at Rancho El Encanto, Farruco is the program's best known ambassador, but he has several stablemates coming up the ranks.

Ciclon IX is another qualified multi-champion horse and he counts six gold medals in functionality, in the USA and Spain. He has been a finalist at SICAB on two occasions, and was Champion of the breed at Fiesta of The Spanish Horse and Celebration of the Pure Spanish Horse, both in 2013. He is now being prepared for a dressage career with trainer Deborah Polec of Provenance Dressage in Los Angeles.

The young stallion Revoltoso LXXVIII is a pure Cartujano who was champion of the breed at last year's Feria of the Spanish Horse, and Absolute Young Champion at that showcase in 2012. He, too, is in dressage training.

Rancho El Encanto is equally reliant on its mares for producing horses of the very top quality. These include:

Ilustrada lXIX, a qualified mare that was recently selected by ANCCE (administrators of the Spanish Stud Book) as recommended young stock for morphology. She has earned multiple gold and silver medals in Spain and the USA.

Lebrijana AM is a qualified mare and recommended mare for morphology, with two gold medals in Spain and a Champion of Movement designation.

Hilandera II is a qualified mare, recommended stock by the ANCCE, and a Champion mare at Fiesta of the Spanish Horse and the Celebration 2013, both in 2013.

Luna CCLLI was reserve champion at Feria of the Spanish Horse in 2013 and Absolute Adult Champion of Movement 2013.

Jarira is a qualified mare, who earned a gold medal in 2012 at Segocia, Spain and she is a two-time SICAB finalist.

All of these horses have played a part in Rancho El Encanto earning multiple awards in the last three years, in the US and in Spain. The program was named Best Exhibitor at the Fiesta of the Spanish Horse, Celebration of the Pure Spanish Horse and Feria of the Spanish horse, all in 2013.

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