California Riding Magazine • May, 2014

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The Miti-GAIT Equine Transport Mattress minimizes travel stress.

Horses are transported more frequently than any other type of livestock. Minimizing the stress of passenger horses during transit has been a concern for decades. Although trailer designs have changed over the years, little progress has been made in the one part of the transport vehicle that the horse is always in contact with – the floor.

That is until now. The Miti-GAIT Equine Transport Mattress system with patented MitiGator™ Air Channel Technology, proven to dissipate road impacts and mitigate body vibration, will set a new standard of care for horse transport.

Equine professionals understand the exhausting effect that trailering has on the equine athlete, and many implement rest protocols designed to recover the athlete upon arrival and prior to athletic competition. Studies have concluded that a trailered horse needs at least a 48 hour rest period following transport to allow alterations in blood values to normalize.

Although stress is not easily defined, we all know what stress is, and we all empathize with the amount of stress horses experience during transport. Road rumble and vibration, pothole impacts, frequent changes in inertia, and other constant stimuli create a chaotic atmosphere that is cumbersome, uncomfortable and, at times, even brutal to the highly responsive horse. Reduced athletic performance, decreased reproduction, increased rate of disease, and altered biochemical parameters have all been associated with transport stress.

To help the equine athlete arrive fresh for competition, it is important to minimize stress resulting from whole body vibration and floor-to-hoof impacts due to road terrain. Only the Miti-GAIT Transport Mattress utilizes proven technology to reduce these harmful effects. A patented cushioning system incorporates a highly engineered air channel arrangement to redirect vertical impact and vibration energies into horizontal passages, dissipating these harmful forces before they reach the horse's body.

Miti-GAIT Transport Mattress is the first true anti-impact, anti-vibration floor mattress designed to reduce stress, injury and fatigue associated with trailering. Originally designed to protect military crews from IED and mine blasts, and subsequently fitted in over 80,000 military vehicles worldwide, Mitigator™ technology is now used for impact and vibration mitigation in a variety of applications: Auto racing, off-shore speed boat racing, helicopter crash seating, heavy equipment seating and floorboards, etc.  Researched extensively and tested by the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and independent laboratories, Mitigator™ has been proven and validated as a revolutionary technology that absorbs and dissipates energy from vibration, impacts, and even blasts.

MitiGator uses patented air control technology working with 4,000-12,000 surfaces per square foot to dissipate energy before it is transmitted to the body. The shock and vibration dampening features of the MitiGator reduce energy transmission by over 90 percent in drop/impact tests, and attenuates up to 75 percent of whole body vibration.

The Miti-GAIT Transport Mattress incorporating MitiGator technology will rewrite the standard for horse travel comfort, and revolutionize equine transport. This is not a simple rubber or closed cell foam stall mat. It is a highly engineered, exceptionally durable cushioning system which utilizes patented air channel technology, proven to dissipate forces arising from road impacts and vibration.

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