California Riding Magazine • May, 2014

Tack Trunk Revolution
Krypton Equine brings new look to the equestrian world.

After 15 years of designing and building equipment cases for touring musicians and lighting and production companies in the music industry, Kryptonite Cases brings its expertise to the equestrian world with Krypton Equine, a line of super sturdy, customizable, cool-looking tack trunks on wheels.

The company's philosophy is that they have clients, not customers, and that they will do all they can to make certain that each and every one of their clients receives personalized service for their individual needs. With clients including Train, Michael Franti, George Strait and a long list of lighting and production companies, the philosophy worked well in the music industry and they are confident the same principles will be effective in the equally demanding equestrian world.

David Medd, the owner of Kryptonite Cases, remembers when he was a teen and worked around stables. He recalls how heavy and difficult the tack trunks were to move around. When he decided to branch into the equestrian market, the first thing he thought of was putting nice large wheels on his track trunks, making them much easier to move around, even over uneven terrain that's typical at barns and horse show venues. Next, he decided on easy-to-use features that help the rider better organize their tack and equipment. He also added an easy access pull-out bridle holder and a rack tailored to the client's saddle.

Krypton Equine tack trunks also come with boot holders and a separate wardrobe section with a fold-out mirror, a shelf and two pull-out drawers, plus a peg and a chalkboard to keep track of daily activities. "It's our intention to help you with moving your tack to shows, and organizing your equipment and personal items as easily as possible," says David.

Just like their counterparts in the music world, Krypton Equine trunks are tough and made to last.

"It's time for a tack trunk revolution that provides a custom design to satisfy your individual needs at an affordable cost," he continues. Krypton Equine is launching the revolution with a wide variety of different styles that include vertical and horizontal layouts. There is also a larger style that opens into two separate vertical sections with one side for tack, and the other for wardrobe. Clients can custom design a case that holds up to four saddles and can configure the trunk space to suit their needs perfectly. Customization options include how the trunks look from the outside. Designs and colors schemes to match stable motifs are easy to arrange.

With 15 years of catering to the music industry under its belt, Kryptonite Cases looks forward to sharing that expertise with new friends in the equestrian world. "Give us a call and we will do our best to come up with the perfect tack trunk of your dreams," David says.

For more information, visit, call 831-335-3353 or meet David and see the trunks in person at the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento, June 13-15.