California Riding Magazine • May, 2014

Choose Wisely
Innovative Equine Systems' barn interiors products stay in the stable for a long, long time.

Carpenteria barn with Savannah stalls

Founded 15 years ago as a fencing company, Innovative Equine Systems has grown to be a one-stop shop for every imaginable component of a barn's interior. But one thing hasn't changed, and that is the Minden, NV company's "do it once and do it right" mentality. Whatever comes out of its manufacturing warehouse or from a manufacturer Innovative Equine represents, the end product can be counted on to stand the test of time in an active barn environment.

"We like permanent things that last a lifetime," explains company founder Dennis Marion. Durability, safety and beauty are common denominators in a diverse catalog of horse keeping essentials. Innovative Equine staff members welcome involvement at any stage of any project. Their many years of experience bring a lot to the table during design and planning phases whether with architects, contractors or owner/builders. Projects are evenly split between customers starting from scratch with their barns and those embarking on upgrades or remodels of varying degrees. Consultations, quotes and samples are free, and the stalls, flooring and myriad other equipment and accessories can be purchased individually or as part of a turn-key package, Dennis notes.

Evopave interlocking rubber pavers

Stall components are among Innovative Equine's claims to fame. Old-World artisan design and the highest quality steel, hardwoods and attachment hardware are elements common to the many styles of stall walls, fronts, doors and windows available. The wide range of styles accommodates an array of personal preferences, fits many budgets and all with the long-term value the company is known for. Its newest series of stalls, The Builder Series, adds more options in relatively standard stall sizes that are particularly well-suited for owner/builders.

From The Ground Up

Flooring is another area in which Innovative Equine has a long history. When the company first offered high quality rubber paver flooring, it was typically only used at the racetracks. Today, there are many companies serving the private barn market. In Dennis' view, that makes it all the easier for Innovative Equine's flooring to stand out. "We want you to compare our products and our pricing, and to touch and feel the difference between our product and theirs," he asserts. This is true of all their products, and he'll even help prospective customers know the right questions to ask during the shopping process.

When it comes to rubber pavers, ask about "regrind," Dennis suggests. "Regrind is a type of rubber that has been recycled from the waste of a recycled product. In other words, it's recycled twice.
"You may find regrind at a cheaper price, but you can be assured that it's also a cheaper quality product with a shorter lifespan. You don't want to have to pull your flooring up after a couple of years. Buy the right product the first time."

Abbottsford, British Columbia barn with custom stalls

Innovative Equine's flooring is fully elastic, weather proof, water permeable, frost proof, durable and slip resistant. "Your horses will benefit from the non-slip, soft cushion underfoot and you'll benefit from the decreased clean-up time, the improved acoustics, and the beauty that our rubber interlocking pavers, beveled tiles and paddock flooring add to your facility."

The company's flooring is also a blessing to the environment. "Our flooring is not made from the synthetic rubber our competitors use," Dennis explains. "Instead, we use a recycled natural rubber, an obvious choice for those building green." It improves and beautifies your barn, he adds, and also helps recycle the approximately 300,000 tires that are thrown away annually in the U.S. alone.

Innovative Equine continues its pioneering ways in the flooring department. The newest addition to an extensive line is ArmorGrip(TM). First used in equine hospitals, it is a tough, comfortable, slip resistant hygienic floor. Seamless and impermeable, it can be kept clean and germ free.

Arroyo Grande barn with Rubicon stalls.

Compared to fencing, flooring and stalls, accessories are a relatively new and ever-growing part of Innovative Equine's offerings. Insect control systems, feeders, automatic waterers, hold-open door magnets, heaters, lights and racks for blankets, saddles and bridles and cross-tie brackets are just a few examples. A rotating wash wand that attaches to the hose for bathing and various barn cleaning chores is a particularly unique and popular item.

The accessories are built tough, just like the walls to which they are attached. And they're built smart, in ways every horse keeper can appreciate. One of Innovative Equine's two feeders, for example, is a "virtually indestructible" solid cast aluminum bowl. Bolted to one of the company's rotating feeder doors, it enables easy feeding and can also be bolted onto a regular wall.

Therapy equipment, like the solarium, is another area in which Innovative Equine is leading the way. Look for more news about this category as the company rolls out its new website later this year.

For more information on Innovative Equine Systems visit or call 800-888-9921.