California Riding Magazine • May, 2014

Easy Does It!
Baroque style braids made easy with Braideez Braiding Wire

Braideez braiding wire has been steadily gaining popularity among the hunter-jumper and dressage communities since its introduction in 2011. It has won converts who have discovered that with Braideez even amateurs can easily create uniform, moldable braids that stay in and come out with ease.

Owners of horses that are traditionally shown with long braided manes, such as Arabians, Morgans and Baroque breeds, have found that incorporating this plastic-coated copper wire into their braids saves a lot of time and effort.

Braideez comes in 32" lengths of black, brown or white wires. For braids that run along the top of the horse's neck, such as the French or running braid, 60" wires can be created by tying two Braideez together end-to-end. The resulting braid is stabilized by the wire and doesn't fall apart easily, meaning you won't have to re-braid between classes at shows. If a horse has a very thick mane, Braideez wires can be doubled up for more hold.

The wire is hidden in the mane and because it has a slippery surface it does not bind, rub or damage the horse's hair. It comes out easily and is reusable. One pack of Braideez will last years for those showing a horse with a long mane.

Other long-mane braid styles such as scallop and loop braids can be enhanced with Braideez. Loops can be shaped or modified in place on the horse. New styles can and will be invented when people discover its ease and versatility.

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