California Riding Magazine • December, 2013

SMART For Horses
Breeding advances make the process more successful and affordable for all.

The market for young horses is growing along with the recovering economy and Dr. William Swyers and his Stallion and Mare Assisted Reproduction, PC., aka SMART For Horses, are perfectly poised to witness that happy trend and be part of it.

In many years of handling all aspects of the successful equine reproductive cycle, Dr. Swyers has gained an expertise that enables him and his staff to make the most of today's advanced technology. From the beginning, Smart For Horses has focused on both "normal" situations and those in which the mare and/or the stallion has challenges to achieving conception and a successful outcome.

Some of the technologies that have facilitated success in those challenging cases now also help make it more affordable for horse owners to bring youngsters into the world by increasing odds of conception in the early rounds of the process.

Frozen semen is one example. Made available for commercial use in 1992, the technology is still relatively new, Dr. Swyers explains. "The protocol is still mostly the same. But there are a few specific things that have brought about higher quality semen and, thus, higher fertility rates." Experience and the implementation of evolving thought on the process, improved semen extenders and other material components are among those factors.

Understanding each stallion is a big part of the equation, Dr. Swyers notes. For example, a stallion whose fresh cooled semen has a low fertility rate may produce semen that is more viable when frozen. "It may be that the motility of the fresh cooled semen doesn't hold up well enough to achieve a pregnancy in 24 for 48 hours, but by freezing it right away, it's viable when we thaw it within a six hour window of when the mare is going to ovulate."

In working at the forefront of assisted reproductive technologies, SMART For Horses covers all the bases. Stallion management includes fertility evaluations, plus collection to domestic and international distribution and everything in between. For the mares, services start with fertility evaluations and include the management of normal and sub-fertile mares, pregnancy and foaling services.

Located in Temecula, SMART For Horses offers computer assisted semen analysis, semen freezing, video endoscopic insemination, embryo transfer, embryo freezing, embryo vitrification and several other methods for assisting in the reproductive process.

For more information, visit or call 951-658-2800.