California Riding Magazine • December, 2013

Gift Ideas
California Riding Magazine's final installment of holiday shopping ideas.

Healthy Stables by Design: A Common Sense Approach to the Health & Safety of Horses

The sheer beauty of the Blackburn & Associates-designed barns in this book is reason enough to buy it. The fact that all these stables make the most of natural light and ventilation and thus are easy on horses, humans and the environment makes it even more appealing to study. And the donation of sales proceeds to various equine related charities is icing on the cake.

Promotional materials describe the book this way: "It turns the idea of traditional sheltering practices for horses on its ear, introducing the concepts of aerodynamic ventilation, strategic natural light and passive solar heating and cooling into compelling horse barn designs ranging from exquisite to functional and everything in between. Long before sustainability in architecture became fashionable and a daily conversation, Blackburn used natural, local and recycled materials in conjunction with the natural climate to create optimal living environments for equines." A great gift for just about anybody!

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Everybody needs underwear and riders need underwear that can withstand the rigors of our sport. The FitKnix line may be the ticket. "It's great for riding as they maximize movement and comfort while integrating moisture wicking technology throughout the garment, keeping you fresh and dry," says the product rep. "The FitKnix line is completely seamless so you don't have to worry about the dreaded panty line showing."

Knix Wear features a Fresh Fix Technology, which provides an ultrathin absorbent gusset (made from 100% cotton) that wicks away moisture up to 2mm and naturally eliminates odor without chemicals. The innovative collection consists of three product lines for every day, active lifestyle, and for a sexy night out.

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