California Riding Magazine • November, 2013

Sabos Put Savvy Online
Web-based training endeavor,, out of the box at a good gallop.

Lifelong eventers Brian and Lisa Sabo have always made education a priority, both in advancing their own knowledge, encouraging others to do so and by helping create sport-wide learning opportunities. Their latest venture,, puts that priority on the Internet, giving subscribers access to a treasure trove of eventing-related expertise. The site debuted in August to great initial success.

"The best part of this concept, and my dream in doing this, is that it's a growing, living document," says Brian. "If your horse has a problem with banks, for example, a search for the word 'bank' will bring up videos from various trainers addressing that subject. You'll get access to a mastermind of techniques."

Trainer videos currently online feature the best: David O'Connor, Jimmy Wofford, Lucinda Green and Catherine Haddad, just to name a few, while specialty content videos address the new 2014 dressage tests, various pieces of equipment and trainers' perspectives on each, and videos on rider position, water jumps, etc. "The Judges View" features ride videos with an expert voiceover explaining the pros and cons of the ride and offering suggestions on how aspects of it might be improved.

The Sabos live in Newport Beach and have a long history with horses. They both count Hilda Gurney as their mentor, have Pony Club A ratings and have competed extensively at the advanced level. Throughout that time, Brian and Lisa have volunteered in many, many ways to help the sport grow and continue on a good course. Brian is just finishing up a three-year term as president of the US Eventing Association. Lisa was instrumental in preserving the equestrian facilities at the Orange County Fairgrounds, where she runs a thriving event barn and the Newport Mesa Pony Club Riding Center. (See story, page 10.) - by Kim F. Miller

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