California Riding Magazine •September, 2013

Harmony Equine Art
Award-winning artist,
Mary Harmon-Craychee.

"Hannah" • 16x20 watercolor. Sold as a commissioned piece for $250

Mary is an award-winning artist who has studied art history, painting, drawing and graphic design throughout her entire education, beginning from grade school through college. She uses watercolor, acrylic or pencil predominantly. She has also studied the life sciences and is an animal lover through and through.

She began creating animal portraits to capture each one's unique beauty and personality. "I currently own a wonderful horse named Biskit and a dog named Wilson, both of whom I adore," says Mary.

Her process in each portrait is to start from a photo that captures the essence of the animal. She listens carefully to the owner's insight into the personality of their animal before starting to work. "I love watercolor because of the fluidity of the medium and the transparent subtleties of
the pigments."

Visit to see all of her commissioned pieces and testimonials from previous clients.