California Riding Magazine • August, 2013

Four Hoof
New hoof supplement includes yeast for maximum impact.

Sherrel Heath, creator of the Four Flex line of equine and canine joint supplements, pulled a fast one on his horses' farrier. "We have a Thoroughbred with a Thoroughbred's typically horrible feet," Sherrel explains. The horse, Batman, had "hoof walls that crumbled and flaked off and that made it very hard to keep shoes on him."

While developing Sher-Mar Enterprises' latest equine product, Sherrel fed Batman Four Hoof for six months without saying a word to their farrier Tim Allen. "He finally said, 'I don't know what you are doing to Batman, but his hoof walls are stronger and I can keep the shoes on him.'"

Sherrel was delighted, for Batman, and because his hunch about Four Hoof's ingredients was proving true. The ingredients in this new premiere equine hoof formula include common hoof care ingredients, like biotin. The unusual ingredient is yeast, which is common in digestive aids but not in hoof products. Sherrel thought it made sense. "Yeast helps to stimulate the digestive system in a way that helps get nutrients all the way down to the extremities," he reasoned. Stabilized in hydrolyzed gelatin and combined with all-powerful, Omega-3 rich flax, the yeast has helped make Four Hoof an instantly popular new product.

Sherrel spent about a year tinkering with the formula before trying it on Batman and it's been on the market for just a few months. San Diego veterinarians Dr. Adrienne Moore and Dr. Miska Paget are among Four Hoof's endorsers after seeing the product produce great results in their own horses.

Sherrel and his wife Marguerite (Maggi) Heath count a herd of their own horses at their Sher-Mar Farm in Ramona as great test cases for Sher-Mar Enterprises' line of supplements. Sherrel oversees several young horses bound for the racetrack and Maggie is a dressage rider and trainer working primarily with Warmbloods.

Sher-Mar Enterprises got started in 1990 with Desert Pure Yucca supplement and grew significantly with the introduction of the Four Flex joint supplement in 2001. Four Hoof hits the market as the fifth product in this trusted line that also includes Equine Four Flex HA (sodium hyaluronate) and Canine Four Flex.

All Sher-Mar products are available at tack and feed stores in California and nationwide, and they can also be purchased online at Standard shipping is free for most product sold online.

Sherrel acknowledges that introducing a new supplement to the market during this continuing tough economy is not an easy job. His successful experience with Desert Yucca and Four Flex gives him confidence that Four Hoof's effectiveness will eventually be its best calling card. "It helps you build a healthier horse and healthier hoof, which in turn can help you keep your farrier and vet bills down."

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