California Riding Magazine • August, 2013

EZ Switch Hitch
Hitching up a gooseneck trailer
can be a breeze!

2013 Generation Heavy Hauler.

If you own a gooseneck trailer you know what a pain it is to hook or unhook your rig. John LaPrade of Montana decided one freezing cold winter day that there had to be an easier way. So he invented the EZ Switch Hitch to make hitching up a safe and hassle-free process.

If you want to skip climbing into the back of your truck and give up aerobic hand cranking, you'll want to upgrade your rig to the Heavy HaulerTM by EZ Switch Hitch. John's hitch system comes with a remote control which you use to lower or raise your trailer and latch and unlatch the hitch. The safety chains are easily hooked while standing on the ground. Just plug in your cable, put up your tailgate, and away you go.

John and his team have continuously improved the design of the hitch coupler and it now is adjustable vertically to fit taller tow vehicles. This makes the trailer level no matter the size of the truck and improves the ride for the horses and saves on wear and tear on the trailer tires and brakes.

Top view of the Slide Shoe.

Bottom view of the Slide Shoe.

Another great feature is their "Slide ShoeTM" which allows the driver to just get close to the hitch. The truck bed ball can land anywhere on the Slide Shoe and, thanks to the unique material used for the bottom of the shoe, the EZ Switch Hitch will slide right onto the ball. It makes hooking up the trailer an even easier job. You don't have to be perfectly centered under the trailer or trying to push the truck, hoping it will fall into place. Never again will the trailer come crashing down onto the ball after being precariously perched on the edge of the hitch opening. The Slide Shoe and the Heavy Hauler will make hitching up your trailer safer and more convenient than you ever thought possible.

The Heavy Hauler sells for $2,495 and is made here in the USA by horsemen that use it every day.

To see how easy the EZ Switch Hitch is to use and check out all of its features visit and watch the video: