California Riding Magazine • August, 2013

Book & DVD Reviews
Accessing Your Intuition; Horse Care

Accessing Your Intuition
Written by Shelley R. Rosenberg
Reviewed by Heidi Trilling

In the grasslands of Sonoita, AZ, Shelley R. Rosenberg works her intuitive magic: leading workshops that foster horse/human communication ... and transform lives.

Rosenberg is an internationally respected horse trainer, dressage competitor, and riding instructor with over 30 years experience. She is an Advanced Instructor at Epona Equestrian Services, a center devoted to horse training and breeding, equine-assisted therapy, and community education.

In Rosenberg's approach, inner emotional work is emphasized as much as outer horsemanship, and the lynchpin is intuition.
Accessing Your Intuition, Rosenberg's latest book from AuthorHouse Publishing, takes its title from one of her workshops. It refers to Rosenberg's credo: that along with the healing power of horses, your own intuition can guide and teach and heal.

All you have to do is listen to it and trust it.

Each of us is "working in the living laboratory" of life, Rosenberg says, and "no matter how you dress up equine work, the horses bring up emotions. It's a fact." Learning to recognize these emotions, allowing them to refine your intuition, then using your intuition to make positive choices—Rosenberg counsels—benefits both horse and rider.

Yet, Accessing Your Intuition is far from a clinical how-to textbook.
It's more of a Zen-like diary than a manual of equine-facilitated learning. Chockfull of honesty and self-exploration. Never self-pitying, though: Rosenberg is simply seeking to find the right healing paths for herself, her horses, and her clients.

Drawing from experiences including: the challenge of rehabilitating a wary, rack-thin Hanoverian rescue horse; to leading corporate workshops with intensely emotional outcomes; to remembering how to "just be with a horse with no expectation or performance requirement," Rosenberg shares her mistakes and accomplishments which helped her cultivate intuition.

And you can, too.

In the center of the book, there are workbook-like journaling pages with spark questions: How can you be more receptive to your intuition? and Can you think of any time your intuition helped you to safety? which are perfect complements to the memoir-like chapters. Try taking the time to answer them. This will enrich your practice of the book's Zen-inspired messages: approach everything with "a beginner's mind," be emotionally present, and learn through experience.

Accessing Your Intuition is full of insights for accomplished equestrians, beginning riders, and everyone else interested in open communication.

Read it in quiet moments, the way you would settle in to read a soulful, hand-written letter from a good friend. The lessons within are poignant
and priceless.

Reviewer Heidi Trilling is a rider and journalist in Northern California who is filled with joy and gratitude when riding horses and writing
about them.

Horse Care: Tack Trunk Treasures
Written by Stephanie Brophy
Reviewed by Lucy Bobeck

Horse Care is a compact book that reads like a novel. Whether you are ready to bring your first horse home, or count yourself as part of the horsey set, you'll be sure to pick up some new sources for equine care and contact information for equine supplies. Re-visit some horse wisdom, not just because "horsey people" have always done it this way, but, the quintessential "why," not just the "how." This is the book that teaches you how to care without a hint of condescension.  

Imparting knowledge from over 20 years working with horses, the author can save a horse owner time and money. The book broadly tackles health care, feeding, watering, and safety: challenging some well-established habits that horse owners believe are helping their horse.  

This little gem is a reference, always considering prevention a priority, rather than cure. Brophy's advice gives a worried owner guidelines as to when to call a veterinarian, and how to keep your equine friend sprightly and fit enough to avoid many emergency veterinarian calls. Colic, gastric ulcers, hoof and wound care are among the many topics that can befuddle a concerned horse guardian. The reader will also learn how to let horses be horses and when to rein them in.

Horse Care is an easy read, putting 20 years of the author's experience into your barn. There is a saying: "the wise man learns by experience, but the wiser man learns from the experiences of others."

Reviewer Lucy Bobeck enjoys riding and "polishing up" her 27 year old rescued quarter horse.