California Riding Magazine • June, 2013

Natural Plan Stomach Soother
Popularity of papaya-based tummy treatment is expanding from horse market into the pet world.

Going into its 10th year of business, Natural Plan Stomach Soother™ continues to convert new customers to this all-natural papaya-based tummy aid.

The Illinois-based company first packaged its powerful product for horses, which still constitute the majority of its customers. Horse owners, in turn, began using Natural Plan Stomach Soother on their pets to equally good results and today the pet market is equally crazy about NPSS.

"We've been able to follow our customers who've been giving it to their dogs and cats," notes Celeste Burke, who founded the company along with her husband Tim. She adds that several horse owners also admit to swigging from their animal's supply themselves (NPSS is human grade), also with great results.

Ulcer pain, low appetite, travel stress, diarrhea, cribbing, foal stress and trouble getting horses to take medications are among the conditions for which customers have found Natural Plan Stomach Soother a great help.

Papain is the active ingredient in all these health benefits. An enzyme found in indigestion remedies, papain stimulates the production of mucous, which coats and soothes membranes of the esophagus and stomach, quiets inflammatory bowel syndrome, aids in protein digestion and stimulates the appetite. Natural Plan Stomach Soother was first made for the equine world, where the horse's notoriously delicate digestive system was a perfect candidate for this 100 percent natural product.

In addition to the papain enzyme, the papaya is packed with helpful vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, niacin, riboflavin and thiamin.

For general health maintenance purposes the recommended dosage for Natural Plan Stomach Soother is two ounces, twice a day. An oral dosing syringe is suggested for delivery, but most horses find the slightly apricoty taste appealing and consume it eagerly. That's why it's a popular way of delivering less palatable medications like butazolodine. In addition to tasting terrible, this non-steroidal anti-inflammatory is rough on the stomach lining, so delivering it with NPSS is an extra wise move. The product is also effective with antibiotics, which can be tough to administer and often upset the digestive process when they arrive. "The horses don't spit the pills out when they are given with Stomach Soother," Tim Burke explains. "And the product helps reduce cramping and diarrhea that antibiotics often produce."

The product can be used on an ongoing basis, or to treat or prevent a problem. It is particularly useful in older horses whose digestive systems don't work as well as they used to. Many customers put their horses on Natural Plan Stomach Soother before any change in routine, including competition or a different living arrangement mandated by an injury or illness. Because Natural Plan Stomach Soother is all-natural, there are no ingredients that show up in medications tests at shows or
endurance competitions.

A new two-ounce bottle makes for easy dosing in many circumstances. It looks like a Five Hour Energy bottle and it's easy to throw in the travel bag, where it won't get squished or broken. This is also a convenient size to use when administering Natural Plan Stomach Soother to small pets, who typically benefit from just a quarter- or half-teaspoon.

Natural Plan Stomach Soother was featured in a USA Today Pet Guide this past May. Celeste surmises that its popularity in the dog market has been helped by the trend toward raw foods and protein-heavy diets. These can be healthy regimens, but they often take some getting used to and sometimes have gassy side effects. In the cat world, customers have reported all the benefits familiar from use in other animals and also a reduction in hair balls and in the difficulty of expelling hair balls.

Natural Plan Stomach Soother is available at tack stores everywhere and online at