California Riding Magazine • April, 2013

S & S Bankcard Systems
Great service is the real key to successful credit card acceptance.

Who you gonna call when your credit card payment service lets you down? Jeff Skelton's S & S Bankcard Systems. That's who!
"Most new businesses shop for a credit card processor by rates," notes Jeff, a horse show dad whose Westlake Village business has provided one-stop merchant payment solutions for 12 years. "Everybody wants competitive rates, but what you also really need, and what is often overlooked, is a reliable network and great service with support that's there whenever you need it."

Most horse show management companies accept credit card payments and the increasing number who have chosen S & S Bankcard have added their referrals to the chorus.

From an accounting perspective, understanding "batch reports" detailing the fees applied to various credit cards and processing refunds are challenges that require the processing company's support on a regular basis. S & S often gets clients when they've hit the frustration wall with their existing credit card processing service. "Their processing terminal has gone down or they need help reconciling a statement, and nobody is calling them back," says Jeff of typical scenarios that bring business his way. "We are better after the sale than before it. Along with competitive rates, what we bring to the table is great service and support and a reliable network. We are there when you need us."

The proof of that is evident in the longevity of S & S's clientele. "The industry standard for client retention is two years," he says. "Our average is seven years, and I've had several clients for much longer."
Accepting credit cards is a great option for trainers, Jeff notes. Compared to the traditional system of snail-mailing a training bill and waiting for the payment check to arrive in the mailbox, credit card acceptance improves any business' cash flow dramatically. It simplifies record keeping and, especially with mobile capabilities, provides tremendous flexibility and convenience to clients, which Jeff sees as an increasingly important but often unrecognized component in the horse business. His daughter competes on the hunter/jumper circuit and in the course of being a show dad Jeff often sees surprising scenarios. "I recently overheard a trainer telling their client they needed to drive down to the show immediately to deliver a $5,000 check."

With today's busy lifestyles and many parents having kids in multiple activities, asking a client to drop everything and deliver a check is not very practical or convenient for the customer, Jeff notes. If the trainer was able to accept credit card payments, they could have taken the client's credit card to conclude their business. Because of technology and busy lifestyles, "Trainers should have the mindset of making it easy and convenient for the client. I know we certainly appreciate our barn taking credit cards; it makes it convenient for us."

In addition to point of sale systems, S & S can also set up mobile payment capabilities through a smart phone app. "We can get you set up so you can take a payment from the field and enable you to e-mail out a bill with a link where your customers can make their payment online."

S & S Bankcard Systems works with a wide range of businesses, from big revenue generators to companies that qualify for S & S' "micro merchant" programs. Jeff welcomes inquiries from businesses contemplating their first credit card payment set-up and those who want to compare their existing services with what S & S Bankcard can provide.

For more information about S & S Bankcard Systems, visit or call Jeff Skelton at 818-618-9315.