California Riding Magazine • October, 2012

Valitar Goes Big!
New touring production premieres in
San Diego Nov. 16

Photo by Felix Gonzalez/FelixGPhotography

Rancho Santa Fe residents, Mark and Tatyana Remley, will be launching their world premiere of Valitar, which will be taking over the Del Mar Fairgrounds in November. Sure to provide an awe-inspiring experience for horse and entertainment lovers alike, over an acre Valitar Village will be the talk of the town.

The "Big Top" is a 45,000-square-foot space and that's just one part of the tent village arising as this issue went to press. Standing 110' feet in the air, the red tent and its dramatic black horse logo signal that something big is afoot.

Valitar's physical dimensions, however, are only a small part of its story. It's all about the "wow!" As the show's producers, San Diegans Tatyana and Mark are combining advanced technology and edgy entertainment values with horsemanship and uniquely exciting and moving horse and human performances. Forty-five horses representing 12 breeds co-star with 25 entertainers from around the world. Trick riders, acrobats, contortionists and La Garoucha artists are just a few of the performers in store.

Photo by Felix Gonzalez/FelixGPhotography

The action is thematically tied together by illustrating a Roman gladiator's quest for freedom. "There are underlying tones of dark and light," Mark shares. "Scenes are played out with beautiful, mystical moments as well as adrenaline pumping acts like trick riding and mountainboarding."

"We are combining the best talents of horses, horsemanship, human performers, technology and some pretty amazing props," says Mark. Recruit of the Parker Brothers Concepts team of TV's Dream Machines fame is one hint at how exceptional Valitar's staging will be. Props include a nine-foot tall iron horse and a 20-foot tall trampoline wall measuring over 28 feet long. 

"We were intrigued when we initially got the call from the team at Valitar as they described their unusual request for these amazing props," says Marc Parker, creative director at Parker Brothers Concepts. "We typically design motorized concepts that push the creative and technological envelope and these props do just that. A trampoline wall pulled by horses is definitely not your typical project."

Photo by Felix Gonzalez/FelixGPhotography

With a deep appreciation for entertainment, the Remleys are thrilled to be launching their first show in their hometown. Tatyana has many years of modeling experience, but it was her passion for horses and their shared vision for an exciting, fresh show that served as Valitar's catalyst. Under the seasoned direction and vision of creative director, Bernard Quental, who brings 26 years of equestrian production experience, Valitar will be a unique production unlike any other.
"We are thrilled to have Bernard as our creative director, as well as a cast of international talent sure to wow audiences with their innovative acts," state Mark and Tatyana.

As a result of a shared passion for adrenaline, this local couple is enthusiastic about what lies ahead. "We love it!" Mark enthuses. "Both of our personalities thrive under intense pressure and when you love what you are doing the long hours fly by."

Tatyana will do double duty as producer and a performer. She has ridden horses all her life and in just about every riding style, several of which she'll incorporate while performing in various Valitar scenes. She's part of a human cast that draws on a myriad of riding styles and equestrian cultures. Sorting through the possibilities has been a highlight of the production process. "We've seen tons of video clips and done interviews to get a sense for people's personalities," Mark explains. "It became really exciting to reach out and connect with people. One person knows another person and the end result is that we have put together an awesome team."

Photo by Felix Gonzalez/FelixGPhotography

The entertainment is enhanced by the Valitar VIP Experience. This package includes access to the Validus Lounge an hour before show time, premier seating, intermission goodies, a commemorative program and a one-on-one meet and greet opportunity with the show's cast, horse and human.

The Remleys are thrilled to premiere Valitar in their San Diego hometown and are appreciative of the support they have received from the Del Mar Fairgrounds and the local community. Their team is returning the favor by working with various local schools and horse-related programs to get as many San Diegans into the Big Top as possible.

Valitar will continue at the Del Mar Fairgrounds through the end of this year, then embark on a tour spending approximately six weeks in various U.S. cities. International tours are on the long-term agenda, as is the development of several touring shows to be staged throughout the world. "It's always going to be evolving," says Tatyana. "We'll take whatever people love most in the performances and the technology and up the ante. It will never be fixed in stone."

The name Valitar is derived from the Latin word "validus," meaning strong, mighty and powerful. Add "daring, drama, riding skills and high tech thrills" for a fuller definition of the show, but your best bet is to go see it.

For tickets and more information, visit www.valitar.net.