California Riding Magazine • October, 2012

Drivers Wanted:
And Not By BMW!
Carriages, carts and competition are among San Diego's abundant equestrian driving opportunities.

by Jamie Gassert

Driving Mariah, performing a routine at the SD Polo Club.

Elsa Mikkelsen in the coach dog class at the SDPDS.

Carriage driving, Combined Driving Events and the sport of recreational driving is alive and well in San Diego. There are several events coming up that cover all of the above.

First there is the San Diego Pleasure Driving Club show that will be held on Oct. 21, starting at 9 a.m., at the Tumbleweed Arena, Willow Rd., in Lakeside. It has everything from green horse driving to reinsmanship, pleasure driving for color/ladies/gentlemen to trail/gambler's choice and cone driving.

This show has 29 classes, so there is something for everyone and every horse/pony/VSE and donkey/mule. Don't worry if you don't have the latest and greatest harness or carriage, safety is the most important issue, not your outfit. Best part - classes are only $4.95!
Contact 619-994-9534 or 619-224-0601 for information or e-mail for a premium list.

San Diego Pleasure Driving Club show.

Driving campout.

Also in October there is a Combined Driving Event practice tentatively scheduled for the 28th, with dressage lessons, too. More information to come, but if it is anything like last time, there was a dressage arena, cones course and hazards (obstacles like sets of gates to be navigated) to play around in - it was a blast! You don't have to plan to attend a CDE to enjoy this, just come and have some fun and see how fast you can go through the cones and around the hazards!

And for those who just like driving your horse/pony/VSE/donkey/mule, we are looking to create an informal driving group, for those who just like spending time on the seat - the seat of your cart, that is. There are still places to drive, and we welcome ideas for areas to drive that you may know about that we don't. Plus we even have a camp-out where we will be driving, too. That is scheduled for Presidents' Day Weekend in February 2013. Details to come.

If you are interested in either the recreational driving or driving campout, contact

Author Jamie Gassert is a driving enthusiast and, among other fun volunteer activities, a founding member of the Victorian Roses Ladies Riding Society.