California Riding Magazine • April, 2012

Fly Armor
Get ready for fly season with a natural yet effective arsenal of repellents.

Florida is a gathering ground for all things horses and, it turns out, for flies, mosquitoes and other pesky flying insects that love the stable environment. As such, it's a great proving ground for a new product called Fly Armor.

These are strips of all-natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic essential oils that flies and other insects cannot tolerate. The insect-repelling oils are carried in composite paper inserts that are held in bands of various sizes. The bands can then be attached, with Velcro fasteners, to various parts of bridles, halters, horse blankets and hung anywhere in the barn, tack room, feed room, stalls, etc.

Fly Armor Gear began with bands for the noseband or other halter and bridle parts and to hang in the barn. The Fly Armor Gear line has become such a hit that the company will soon be introducing fly and insect repelling bands to use in numerous ways. There's a strip to wear on the helmet, a strip that can be easily tied into the tail, and another that can be worn on a therapeutic horse boot.

These things really work, says Florida horse keeper and dressage competitor Johnny Robb. "I was lucky enough to test the Fly Armor line on my own horses and it is truly amazing. We have had what has to be the worst fly season I can remember and, with the heat wave this winter, the challenge continues. I had a horse with a summer sore on his sheath and with the Fly Armor strips attached to the back-of-the-belly strap of his fly sheet we were able to eliminate flies in that area. After weeks of struggling, we were able to heal the wound."

Johnny has gone "Fly Armor crazy" at her stable, with strips hanging around the barn and tack room. She's confident California horsekeepers will share her excitement over how well the product works.

The strips provide approximately four weeks of fly and insect repellent power and then can be easily replaced. They are attached with a self-adhesive removable Velcro loop.

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