California Riding Magazine • March, 2012

EQyss Grooming Products Dressage Show Series
New schooling shows raise funds for REINS Therapeutic Riding Program.

Convergence is a good thing. Dressage enthusiasts Jill Beltran and Eileen Fagan recognized a need for more schooling shows in the coastal San Diego County area. And Carlsbad-based EQyss Grooming Products owner Don Van wanted to support more good quality equestrian competition. Both parties were thrilled to do both while accomplishing a third worthy goal: to raise funds for the REINS Therapeutic Riding Program, based at the Fallbrook Equestrian Center.

The EQyss Grooming Products Schooling Show Series, benefitting the REINS Therapeutic Riding Program, is the result of that convergence of interests. The organizers are preparing to hold the second show in the Series March 18, with others set for April 22, May 27, July 22 and Aug. 26. The new Series debuted in January and was a big success, Jill reports. That confirmed Jill and Eileen's realization that the area lacked a sufficient number of schooling shows. "We wanted to offer shows that allowed people to practice for our bigger shows without the pressure and expense of a rated show," explains Jill, who is also a trainer and dressage competitor.

The pair was adamant that the Series incorporate a high level of judging so that participants can count on constructive, knowledgeable test comments that will help them advance toward success at the bigger shows. Eileen is a USEF rated "large R" judge and she's recruiting others to officiate through the Series. R judge and San Diego dressage supporter Colleen Glass is on tap for this month's competition and Eileen is confident of getting others of her caliber, including herself, to fill that bill through the year.
The hope is to draw about 30 riders per show, figuring that each will ride two tests to fill out a full day. That should be easy to do with EQyss Grooming Products as show prizes.

The company has a full line of moisturizers, conditioners, shampoos, cream rinses and topical treatments for problem areas on the hoof and skin. All EQyss products do their work without leaving wax, petroleum by-products, silicone or synthetic polymers on the horse's coat, skin, mane, tail or hooves. The company was founded in 1991 when Don and has family got fed up by the amount of artificial stuff left behind by products that were supposed to be helping their horses look and feel better. They knew they could do better with nature-based products and EQyss has indeed become very successful.

The shows will be staged at the Fallbrook Equestrian Center, where REINS is headquartered along with a boarding and training facility. REINS, which stands for Riding Emphasizing Individual Needs & Strengths, will provide volunteers to help stage the competitions. The program began as a backyard endeavor in 1984 in San Marcos, and in 1999, the program was able to buy its current property that is the Fallbrook Equestrian Center. REINS now serves over 183 students a week and is home to two NARHA Advanced instructors and 12 NARHA registered instructors. REINS prides itself on helping students with a variety of challenges and also being a place where their families can relax in a lovely equestrian environment and enjoy time with families sharing their circumstances. The non-profit organization relies on donations to continue its good work.

Don, Jill and Eileen plan to tweak the shows as they go along. Hosting a stakes class for Para Dressage riders is a particular hope for the future.

For more information and to enter the show, contact Eileen Fagan at or 760-749-7084. For more information on REINS, visit