California Riding Magazine • January, 2012

Triple Crown Nutrition
New pelleted option for popular beet
pulp-based feeds is formulated
for horses of all ages.

Triple Crown TLC means tender loving care for your horse's lifetime. This innovative formula uses a combination of fiber ingredients with a nutrient profile that can be used for horses of any age in a convenient pelleted form.

"Our product line has been dominated by beet pulp-based feeds, so our goal was to provide similar nutrition to our popular Senior, Complete and Growth feeds in a pelleted version," says Eric Haydt, vice president of sales and marketing. "In the continuing effort to listen to our customers, we formulated TLC to provide another feeding option for both our existing customers and those who like the concept of Triple Crown feeds but wanted to feed a pellet."

TLC allows horse owners the flexibility to feed most every horse the same diet and the high fiber will help when hay is short or lacking in quality. The basic guarantees are 12.5% protein, 8% fat and 18% fiber, but like our other Triple Crown feeds, we guarantee 21 additional nutrients and all the technology found in our Equimix® package.

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