California Riding Magazine • December, 2011

End of Season Thoughts
Protect Your Riding Investments

As cooler weather prevails and the end of the competitive season approaches, many of us will be riding and using our tack and apparel less frequently. It's a good time to think about proper storage to preserve and protect these valuable investments.

Leather is a natural product that still retains moisture and oils after the tanning process and needs to breathe to stay supple. Prior to storing, your leather tack should be cleaned to remove any dirt and sweat. Dried sweat is one of leather's worst enemies; the salt left behind absorbs the natural oils in the leather causing it to dry. Left untreated, the leather will become stiff and eventually crack. Once cleaned, check the condition of the leather; if needed, apply oil to restore suppleness and then a conditioner to restore luster and remove scuffs and scratches. This is also a great time to check your tack for wear and tear. In particular, focus on areas of attachment or binding. Look for areas of loose stitching or stretching that may separate or allow slippage and have those repaired prior to storage.

Leather should be stored indoors, in a controlled environment, if possible, with good air flow. A lack of airflow can lead to mold and mildew problems.

Kensington Protective Products offers a complete line of luggage for storing and protecting your tack and riding apparel during the off season.

Roustabout Luggage Collection

Our Roustabout Collection is a premium luggage line featuring a durable, 600 x 1200 Denier waterproof outer shell. Each piece has strategically placed inserts of Textilene®, an antibacterial-coated mesh fabric, that facilitates airflow and helps prevent the formation of mold and mildew. A dense layer of padding provides extra protection and brass plated hardware adds strength and durability.

Roustabout Garment Bag, Helmet Case and English Boot Carry All.

Tack Protection

The Dressage/All Purpose Saddle Bag and Halter/Bridle Bag are ideal solutions for winter protection and storage of tack. The Dressage/All Purpose Saddle bag is large enough to store two saddles and has a full-length heavy duty zipper for easy loading and unloading of the saddles. There is also a compartment for storing a saddle pad. The Halter/Bridle Bag features three straps on the interior of the bag to keep tack neatly organized until it is needed again. Each piece also includes a padded strap that is ideal for traveling to provide year round protection.

Dressage and All Purpose Saddle Bag, Deluxe Plum.

Apparel Protection

Let's not forget the significant investment made in show apparel. Leather boots and gloves should be cleaned as noted above and when stored properly, you can extend the life of these items.
Protect your boots in Kensington's Boot Bag. Designed to hold boots up to 21" tall, it includes a center divider to prevent boots from rubbing together and scuffing. A hard plastic bottom with rubber guards keeps the bag out of dirt and mud when traveling.

Use the Kensington's Helmet Case to protect your helmet. The rigid exterior prevents collapsing and damage to the helmet. The mirror in the flip top makes this an ideal travel companion during show season.

To keep all of your apparel organized in a single location, consider the Boot Carry All. Designed to carry boots up to 22" tall, it also has compartments to store a helmet, gloves and crop.

The Kensington Garment Bag helps keep clothes fresh and neat. Once clothes are cleaned and pressed, store them in the Garment Bag until the next show. This bag is also ideal for traveling and the quilting helps prevent wrinkling.


Kensington also offers a variety of gear bags, carry bags and grooming totes for a complete, coordinated look for all of your travel and storage needs.

Functional Fashion

Kensington's Roustabout Luggage Collection is available in 8 plaids. Our traditional plaids (English Hunter and Navy, Deluxe Plum, Red and Black) offer a timeless, elegant look to the luggage and our ice plaids (Plum, Blue, Mint) provide a more contemporary feel. The wide color selection ensures a perfect match for barn or stable colors.

Large Tote Bag, Gear Bag and Grooming Tote in Blue Ice.

Kensington Protective Products, Inc. has been producing quality equine ware since 1954. The incorporation of Textilene®, a fabric used in the patio furniture industry and valued for it's durability, into Kensington's equine ware revolutionized the industry resulting in patented solutions for equine protection. All Kensington products are backed by an industry exclusive Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Not only can you replace your Kensington Product any time, for any reason (even if you just want a different color), you also support charitable organizations that rescue and protect the unwanted. Useable products returned through our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee program are donated to rescue operations throughout the country.

English Hunter, English Navy, Deluxe Plum, Deluxe Black, Plum Ice,
Blue Ice, Mint Ice, Deluxe Red Plaid.

If it says Kensington on the label, you can believe that it is a product of unsurpassed quality and durability.

Article provided by Kensington Protective Product, Inc. Visit to find the dealer nearest you.