California Riding Magazine • December, 2011

From "Ouch" to "Ah"
Back on Track products help ease
muscle soreness.

The first step in understanding why Back on Track's products are effective is understanding what happens to the body during exercise. Wear and tear of muscles and joints occurs naturally as a result of exercise, and this can lead to soreness and discomfort.

Delayed muscle soreness (24-28 hours after exercise) may be caused by minor muscle or connective tissue damage, local muscle spasms that reduce blood flow or a build-up of waste products from energy production.

Trigger points may develop over time from the stress and strain of greater physical exertion or from repeated use of a particular muscle, causing muscle soreness and decreased flexibility. Heavily exercised muscles may lose their capacity to relax, causing chronically tight muscles and loss of flexibility. When muscles are tight, blood flow through them is poor, which also causes pain.
Back on Track apparel is a natural bridge between exercise and comfort and well-being. Welltex fabric is proven to increase circulation and reduce inflammation, helping horses go from "ouch" to "ah" after every ride.

As circulation increases, cells receive greater nutrition, tissues become more elastic and injuries heal faster.

Veterinarians and professionals agree: it all adds up to relief from soreness and stiffness, better flexibility and less potential for future injury. Back on Track products are used and trusted by leading riders, trainers and veterinarians around the world.

Back on Track is not making any veterinary claims. If a customer's horse has any medical problems, they are encouraged to contact their veterinarian before using any of the company's products. The products should not be used on pregnant mares.

Press release provided by Back on Track. Back on Track products are available to help you and your dog go from "ouch" to "ah," too. To see the full product range and to find your nearest retailer please visit