California Riding Magazine • July, 2011

Snow Delay
Tevis Cup ride date changed to October 8.

The Western States Trail Foundation Board of Governors unanimously decided to change the Tevis Cup Ride date from July 16 to Oct. 8, 2011.

"We faced unusually heavy snows this year," reports WSTF President Kathie Perry. "So in the interest of rider and horse safety, the Tevis ride date is now changed to October 8. The new date will give riders the needed time to get their horses ready for the challenge of the trail, as well as give them the experience of the traditional trail with its magnificence and history."

Even though considerable effort had been put forth to search out a viable alternate route, the snow impact and high river flow impeded that endeavor. "We literally didn't even have a safe and adequate alternate route six weeks before the Tevis," comments Ride Director Chuck Stalley. "Our trail committee had put forth a huge effort in scoping out an alternate route, but the snow level, amount of trees down on the trail, road disrepair — the blocks kept mounting. It became apparent that the only wise thing to do was to change the date."

Since 1955 the Tevis Ride has been known worldwide for its history and tradition. By moving the date, riders can enjoy the trail route that offers them the thrill of looking over their shoulders at Lake Tahoe as the sun comes up, the experience of conquering Cougar Rock, and the comfort of seeing their crews as they trot into Robinson Flat. If the ride date had not been changed, none of those unique moments would have happened.

"We're so pleased that we can offer riders this Tevis journey on the traditional trail," states Kathie Perry. "The Tevis is indeed a pioneer experience in many ways, and even the original pioneers who traversed this route in the 1800s had to be flexible because of weather. We're just following history!"

"We also made another executive decision," says Chuck Stalley, "to move the date of our Education Ride to July 15, 16, 17. (See What's Happening, page 58.) This is a great way for people to see the trail first-hand, listen to lectures from endurance veterinarians and experienced riders, and gather miles toward the Tevis application requirements. We hope that people will participate in this fun 'college-on-the-trail' event."

For more information about the Tevis Ride on October 8, 2011, and the Education Ride on July 15, 16, 17, visit or call the office (limited hours, so be patient) at 530-823-7282.