California Riding Magazine • July, 2011

Old School Jumps
Wood makes for long lasting,
totally customizable jumps.

There's a time and a place in the horse world for technology, but sometimes "old school" horsemen want "old school" stuff, and that's where Old School Jumps comes in. Built in Southern California, this expertly-machined line of wooden jumps is finding its way into an increasing number of private training facility rings and competition arenas. Orders are coming from both horsemen who simply love the aesthetic of wooden jumps and from those who like the weight of wood. In many cases, it's both.

Wood is also ideal for those who want complete customization of their jumps. Stable owners who have a certain look in mind or want to match their arena with their property's unique features often request fences crafted of wood, as do event sponsors who want a custom jump to showcase their brand perfectly.

Machined to stay "straight and true," Old School's standards, gates, walls and various other stock and custom jumps feature six coats of finish that resists wear and tear for many years. "They can withstand the sun and rain for a long time," says company co-owner Carlos Gonzales. Gates, simulated brick walls, coops, wing standards, etc. are all on the menu from Old School Jumps. Wood, of course, is perfect for building natural looking courses that are making a resurgence with the continuing popularity of the Hunter Derby format. All styles of jump cups and pin system arrangements are available through Old School Jumps as well.

"We have several standard type jumps to choose from, and using these models, it is also very easy to make special fences for each customer," explains Carlos. In some cases, an order for an arena's worth of fences will include a mix of standard wood, custom and plastic jumps. "We have the ability to put different components into the arena, all according to what the client ultimately wants," he continues.

Old School Jumps opened for business about two years ago. The company's principals brought 25 years of experience making jumps and tack trunks to the endeavor. They are happy to help their clients choose a combination of fences that fits a wide variety of preferences and budgets. Orders can usually be fulfilled within three to four weeks, often more quickly.

For more information on Old School Jumps, please visit or call 800- 298-2710.