California Riding Magazine • June, 2011

On The Move
Surfside, LLC and Kelley Fielder
move to Potluck's Place.

by Kelley Fielder

Maddy Pilz, Tammy and Nate Valley, Kelley Fielder and Izzy Gettinger.

My boutique-style training business, Surfside, LLC, has moved to Potluck's Place located in Olivenhain. Considered one of the most beautiful and private equestrian facilities in San Diego, Potluck's Place has been owned and managed by Tammy Valley since the mid-90s. Throughout her years of running and living on the property, she has thoughtfully renovated and updated the facility, always managing to put the horses' best interest first. As a veteran Grand Prix rider and decorated horsewoman, she has the experience and wisdom to truly understand how an equestrian facility should be run.

Chance Arakelian introduced Tammy and I when I took over his business in 2004. Chance had gone to work privately for Davlyn Farms and offered me the opportunity to take over his business. Not only was I very lucky to have been given a great group of clients to work with, but I also was able to work out of some incredible facilities. Having run my business out of these facilities with different owners, trainers and grooms, has given me a broader perspective and insight into how a training program works best. Most importantly, these experiences have shown me what keeps the horses and clients safe and happy.

Working out of Potluck's Place is a horse trainer's dream. Every day I drive down the beautiful pine-lined driveway and a look out at the horses grazing happily in the pastures and I need to pinch myself. When I arrive, I get to work with great clients, great horses, and great grooms. I appreciate the opportunity to be able to do what I love in an environment that suits my level of care and attention to detail.

Being at Potluck's Place has enabled me to adapt my business into exactly what I dreamed it would be. It has allowed my small training business the scope to meet every client's needs. From my lesson program for beginners, to riding in Grand Prixs, I can develop horses and riders to their fullest potential in a facility that is world class.

For more information, please visit or call 818-522-5639.