California Riding Magazine • June, 2011

Shine Like A Pro
Shannon Peters' Show Ring Shine
brings beautiful boots to all.

Maybe we can't all ride as beautifully as Shannon Peters does, but we can get our boots to look as great as the dressage star's do thanks to her Show Ring Shine boot polishing kits. After years of experimenting with different products and approaches, Shannon settled into a boot cleaning and shining system a few years ago. And it's caught the attention of many. "People ask me what I use and how I do it at every show I go to," she says. Show Ring Shine is her answer.

The handy kit comes with Shannon's favorite products: a Moneysworth & Best cleaning tool, castile soap and sponge, Shine Rite® Leather Heel & Sole Edge Color Renew, Expert's Choice Platinum Premium Shoe Cream, and a buffing cloth. It's all packaged up in a handy kit that's perfect for use at home and shows.

Shannon's six-step process promises to produce both a great shine and a terrific maintenance routine for riding boots. The fact that the shining agent is a cream product eliminates the degrading effect most 'instant shine" products can have on the leather. "The cream has emollients that keep the leather supple and don't dry it out," she
says. "That's especially important here in our California climate."

She recommends polishing boots once a week, and says the real key is the maintenance in between. "Most people think that's very time consuming, but it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes a day." Getting sweat and grime off after every ride or day at the barn is the first step. "Taking a damp rag to your boots every day, being especially careful to get the sweat off the inside of the leg, will go a long way toward keeping your boots in good condition," she says.

California Riding Magazine reader and rider Sarah Knowles tried the Show Ring Shine kit on two pairs of boots: her Ariat field boots and her Dansko paddock boots, both of which were caked with the dust and dirt of everyday use. After the final application of elbow grease and a buffing cloth to her boots, Sarah said, "The results produced were impressive, with both pairs of boots feeling more supple and shiny after the round of products. "

Sarah also praised the kit's compactness and good packaging, and noted that each product in the kit featured a well-designed applicator that minimized mess and waste.

Shannon is a partner with her husband, the multi-Olympian Steffen Peters, in S Peters Dressage Training, based at Arroyo Del Mar Stables in Del Mar. She is an accomplished FEI-level competitor and a popular coach.

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