California Riding Magazine • June, 2011

An Open Letter of Gratitude
Thank You!

by Dr. Adrienne Moore

I have been home since late March and although it was initially difficult to be alone, my animals needed me. My knee is doing great and I would have returned to work sooner than expected if not for the seizures. The first drug did not control them and had terrible side effects but I am doing much better on the new drug and the seizure activity is decreasing.

Manny's full littermate brother has fathered a litter that was due in late May so hopefully I will be able to get a pup to raise and train for seizure detection.

The main purpose of this letter is to attempt to thank the many people who have helped me through this ordeal. I am struggling with severe memory gaps and don't remember the first four days in the hospital. I have been told that there were times when I apparently spoke coherently to visitors but I have no memory of it. If you came to visit me in the hospital, even though I don't remember it, thank you!

I especially want to thank Dr. Corine Selders, who not only volunteered to be my ride home from the surgery center, but unexpectedly found herself serving as my advocate (and memory) in the hospital. She also served as my chief caretaker,  "babysitter" and chauffeur after I was discharged. I can't even begin to thank her enough.

Thank you to Terri Rocovich for putting me up in her home for the first two weeks, getting me to physical therapy appointments while still in Ramona and for starting the email chain. Thank you to California Riding Magazine for helping to get the word out.

Thank you to Sue Petrofsky, Maggi Heath and Shelley Kincaid for serving as my "babysitters," Maggi, Sue, Mary Ann Bouse, Bev Sosin and Jane Kemp for getting me to doctor appointments. Thank you to Mary Ann and S.S.N.A.A.P.E. for unexpectedly having to deal with the euthanasia of one of my dogs while I was in the hospital.

Thank you to Sue Blinks for being "overly concerned" making multiple calls to make sure I was properly cared for and for having a medical alert system installed. Thank you to the "Sycamore gals" Kristin Young, Michelle Town, Chanel Keyes and Lisa Rathfelder for spending several hours working to get my barn back into shape after my absence.

Thank you to Sher-Mar Enterprises for keeping my animals supplied with my favorite oral joint supplement, Four Flex HA. To Gina Economou for breaking her vow to never join Facebook to set up an account with PayPal for my benefit.

Thank you to Dr. William Previte for excellent surgical results (again), and for spending more time checking on me in the hospital than all of the Sharp doctors combined.

Lastly, thank you to every person that has made a financial contribution. There are too many people to list here and I can't even begin to express my appreciation. Each one of you has helped to make an extremely difficult time a bit easier.


Author Adrienne Moore is a San Diego equine veterinarian. She is much loved for her good work, kindness and generosity. Earlier this year, complications following knee surgery put her out of commission and facing big medical bills.