California Riding Magazine • May, 2011

Letter to Horse Show Exhibitors
Help sought in preserving shows
at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

There is growing concern about the future of our equestrian lifestyle in San Diego County. County restrictions, Department of Land Use equine ordinances, the new California law affecting the sale of horses, the new Minimum Standards on Horse Care, and now the changes that will occur at the Fairgrounds/Horsepark are all threatening the equestrian heritage that we are so proud of in
San Diego.

I would like to introduce you to the San Diego Horse Show Alliance. Our mission statement is: To preserve, promote and represent the interest of the horse show community at the Fairgrounds/Horsepark. This involves working together with management of the Fairgrounds/Horsepark to improve conditions at the facility, educate the community, and encourage community attendance and sponsorship at all shows.

San Diego is a city that takes pride in its heritage. Agricultural activities including horse shows are a large part of San Diego's culture. Unfortunately, with so many ranches closing, the Fairgrounds/Horsepark has become an important facility in maintaining our equine culture.

Although within the SDHSA, our individual political beliefs may vary regarding the ownership of the Fairgrounds/Horsepark, we remain a neutral group representing the common interest in preserving the horse show community. In other words, regardless of if you would like the 22nd District Agricultural Association to remain in management or you would rather the City of Del Mar purchase the property, you are welcome to be involved with the San Diego Horse Show Alliance as a representative from your area of the equestrian world.

Very soon, there will inevitably be changes to our programs due to the increase in the Thoroughbred racing season regardless of ownership of the property. We have developed a working relationship with both the 22nd DAA and the City of Del Mar and will continue working with the prevailing party. Both groups have promised to work closely with us in securing our horse show dates.

Horseracing brings revenue to our city and has basically funded the Fairgrounds, so we are not against the increase in racing. It is going to happen regardless. Last month we met with Don Mosier, the Mayor of Del Mar, and he assured us that Mike Pegram is committed to work with the SDHSA to secure our show dates. A Thoroughbred owner, Pegram has a major stake in the City of Del Mar's bid to buy the Fairgrounds.

Secondly, the SDHSA has secured a few large community sponsors for some of our horse shows. If you are a show promoter of any discipline and are interested in obtaining sponsorships for your shows, please get involved. We would like to have at least one representative from each show. There are over 40 shows presently scheduled in both locations (24% at the Fairgrounds and 76% at the Horsepark). We met with the Del Mar Village Association on April 7 to discuss community involvement in our shows and services that could be provided to our show competitors, like hotels and restaurants. We would like to increase community attendance at our horse shows and encourage area merchant sponsorship as well as competitors' enjoyment of local merchant services.

We have been invited to meet with Mike Pegram, the prospective buyers of the Fairgrounds/Horsepark, to discuss the effect increased horse racing will have on our horse show community. This meeting will be open to the entire equestrian community. Information on this meeting will be announced at a later date.

The San Diego Horse Show Alliance, needs representatives from all show disaplines, please e-mail
We still need representation from Saddleseat and Morgans.
Best Regards,
Jacqui Grande
San Diego Horse Show Alliance