California Riding Magazine • May, 2011

Horse Show World
Virtual horse show site brings equestrians
into the online fantasy sports arena.

The stable doors to the exclusive world of competitive horse shows are about to burst open with the debut of Horse Show World, an educational and interactive experience for horse owners and riders who want to compete online as well as for horse enthusiasts who don't have a horse to ride but want to share in the excitement of competing in shows. Set to have launched Feb. 1, this dynamic website is a creative combination of social networking, fantasy stable games, online video competitions and prestigious awards. Horse Show World will, for the first time, allow competitors from around the world to compete in horse shows conducted online. 

Horse Show World offers a place for riders to show their horses that is easy to access and highly affordable. Instead of costing hundreds or thousands of dollars to attend a show, Horse Show World members can compete from the comfort of their own barn, at a fraction of the cost. Each week, new shows and classes will be offered and members can choose to compete in popularity contests—where winners are determined by the number of online votes; or in judged shows—where winners are chosen by licensed judges. There is nowhere else that a rider can go to consistently receive the highly valued comments from a licensed judge about how their riding and their horse's performance compares to others—all without the need to load their horse on a trailer. Online judging will provide riders with an extraordinary educational opportunity as they use the feedback from the judges over time to consistently improve their performances.

Designed for fans of all horse breeds and disciplines, Horse Show World members begin by creating a profile page that includes their personal stats, information about their horse (if they own one), their special horse interests and the breeds and disciplines that most appeal to them. Members can also upload photos of their horses, open a fantasy stable, and interact with other horse enthusiasts from around the world in the Horse Show World community. Members will enjoy showing off the prizes they earn in their virtual trophy rooms, discussing which horses they think will win specific competitions, sharing their passions and learning from one another.

Once someone becomes a Horse Show World member he or she can enter shows simply by selecting a class to enter, videotaping his or her performance according to the class specifications, uploading his or her video to the class entry portal and competing against individuals from around
the world.

"E" for Everyone

Horse Show World also allows people who do not own a horse of their own to be part of the competition experience by opening a fantasy stable. Members can personalize their fantasy stables by selecting its style, color and name. After reviewing entries in the current shows, members can "claim" videos of the horses they want to own virtually and make them part of their fantasy stable. Then, if the member claimed horse wins in a particular competition, they win, too. Prizes include virtual trophies and ribbons to showcase in a trophy room on their profile page; Horse Show World "coins" to put in their virtual currency account to use to enhance and upgrade their experience; and points that count toward high point awards.

By making horse showing available to a broader global audience, those involved in the creation of the website are confident that participation with horses throughout the equine industry will boom.
"Horse Show World will revolutionize the horse industry as we know it. We have taken the power of the internet and applied it to the extremely large and passionate niche of horse enthusiasts, and as a result, we have leveled the playing field by substantially reducing the costs of showing a horse, thus making horse competition available to everyone worldwide," says Jeff Sloan, Founder and CEO of Horse Show World. "I have no doubt that a Horse Show World award will one day be one of the most prestigious awards in the world for horse lovers, and that this website will fast become the epicenter of all things horses."

"Having served as team leader for U.S. riders at numerous international championships and as a former senior level executive at the United States Equestrian Federation, I know the horse showing world intimately," says Gil Merrick, Horse Show World's Chief Operating Officer. "I am convinced this website is the next great thing for people who love horses and love the thrill of competing in
horse shows."

In addition to the online competitions and fantasy stables, Horse Show World will also feature a directory of vendors and service providers from around the globe, including trainers, brokers, veterinarians, appraisers, farriers, tack shops and clothing stores.
Horse Show World is fully financed by the Bursten Group.

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