California Riding Magazine • May, 2011

Dorado Andaluz
Quality-oriented Spanish Horse breeding program focuses on correct type and temperament.

Jertes. Photo by Katy Personious

Nestled in the wine region of the Sierra Nevada Foothills is a facility dedicated to breeding quality Pure Spanish Horses. Dorado Andaluz focuses on correct type and temperament of their P.R.E. horses rather than quantity. The breeding program, now in its eleventh year, is raising well-handled foals with the temperament and athletic ability to go in many directions. Many will become dressage horses especially suited for the Adult Amateur rider. Some will become show and breeding animals. All will be treasured by their owners.

All of the breeding horses at Dorado Andaluz have been Revised and Approved by the Studbook in Spain. All foals are Inscribed into the Spanish Studbook as well, being eligible for registration here in the U.S. by IALHA and Carta Mundial. Dorado Andaluz also owns two Qualified or "Calificado" mares, Latina VII and Carinosa CCXXXI. Only the top 10 percent of P.R.E. horses presented for Qualification receive this honored recognition. The process includes evaluation of morphology and movement as well as temperament and rideability. Radiographs are taken to rule out congenital problems as well as examinations of the reproductive tract.

Tuno PM. Photo by Kate Randall

Dorado Andaluz currently stands three stallions to approved outside mares. The senior stallion, Botijo M, is a 15.3hh heterozygous grey. In 2007 Botijo M was awarded Absolute Champion of Functionality at the P.R.E. National Celebration in Las Vegas. He is trained to Grand Prix Dressage and has recently begun training in driving. Having the wonderful temperament this breed and farm are known for, Botijo M also is a fun trail horse and is enjoyed by all in the family. Botijo M is known for throwing big solid fillies like the black filly Gitana DA, happily donated to help raise funds for the June ANCCE Sanctioned show to be held at Rancho Murieta, Copa California. (See story page XX.)
Also standing at Dorado Andaluz is the rare Chestnut P.R.E. stallion Fenix XXXIII. Imported from Spain and bred by Yeguada Susaeta, whose focus is on producing dressage horses, Fenix promises to be our next FEI competitor. A stunning red with flaxen mane and tail, Fenix certainly catches the eye, however he was purchased for his dressage ability rather than his color. In 2009, his first year of training and competing, Fenix was USDF All Breeds Champion at First Level Open. He is now schooling Prix St. Georges and will compete at Third and Fourth levels this year.

The newest stallion at Dorado Andaluz is Tuno PM. Suzanne admits this time she was looking for color. Tuno PM is a Buckskin or "Bayo" horse. This is one of the most rare colors found in the P.R.E. breed. It is also Suzanne's favorite color, although she says color is just the frosting, especially with Tuno PM. She looked at many Buckskin stallions in the U.S. and Spain before finding Tuno PM. Bred by Paco Marti, Tuno PM had the best type and racial characteristics of any of the buckskin horses she had seen. Paco had planned on keeping Tuno as a breeding stallion due to his correct Spanish type. He had covered 14 mares as a 3-year-old, a big booking for a young stallion.
Suzanne convinced Paco to sell the lovely 3-year-old and now he is here standing in California. Tuno's 2011 foals are being eagerly awaited.

Botijo M. Photo by Kate Randall

Good Time For Spanish Horses

In 2010 things were pretty quiet. Dorado Andaluz lost its longtime trainer, USDF gold medalist Sabrina Wood, to a move to Colorado. She has been greatly missed. "We also began construction of our new facility and home so we missed a lot of the dressage shows we normally would compete at," Suzanne explains. "We did show at the Morphology (breed) shows and were very successful there." Eventa IV, one of Dorado Andaluz's rising stars, had wins in Morphology, Movement and USDF Sport rse in Hand. Of course, the 2010 WEG in
Kentucky really brought the P.R.E. into the spotlight with the fantastic showing of Fuego. Suzanne says that this was probably one of the most important moments for the P.R.E. horse in modern history. Now the world knows just how fantastic and fun a well trained P.R.E. can be. Even famed Olympic rider Robert Dover has one now.


Lancia DW, ridden by Kate Randall.
Photo by Suzanne Randall

Suzanne looks forward to 2011 being a year of change and success. They will move to their new farm in June. They have a new trainer, Alexis Martin-Vegue, who is working with all the horses from babies being started under saddle to the FEI mounts. The first Northern California P.R.E. Morphology show sanctioned by ANCCE, the organization that manages the Spanish Studbook, Copa California will be held in June in conjunction with the Golden State Dressage Classic Open Dressage and CDI* show. "We have a few nice young horses that Alexis will show in dressage later this year," Suzanne says. However some things will remain the same. Mares and stallions will be matched up with the goal to improve the offspring, horses will compete in open Dressage and Morphology. Foals will be handled and prepared for life by learning to work with people. They are taught to tie and lead, to lift their feet for the farrier, and to yield to pressure. "We work the babies over obstacles such as tarps and bridges to teach them to look to the handler for direction."

Fenix XXXIII. Photo by Kate Randall

Three-year-olds are taught to lunge and wear a saddle and bit and may be ground driven. "By 4 years old, our horses are ready to go into more serious training having a good foundation and having learned to enjoy working with people." Horses are ridden on the trail as well as the arena to keep everybody fresh and happy. Most horses live in the pasture being horses when not in training and prep for show. "They are happy being horses and that is important," Suzanne comments. "They are my passion and I love to share the Spanish Horse with people," says Suzanne. "They are special."

"Our goal is to breed and raise the perfect life partner," she summarizes. "We strive to produce P.R.E. horses with unequalled temperament, correct gaits and the mind to be a champion, who on days off enjoys a trail ride or plays with your children."

For more information visit their website, www.DoradoAndaluz.com.

Dorado Andaluz's Stallion, Tuno PM. Photo by Kate Randall