California Riding Magazine • January, 2011

Savvy Mash
New Emerald Valley Product can be a treat or a meal.

Internationally acclaimed Speedi-Beet has helped pave the way to a new understanding of equine nutrition. Low in sugar and low starch, Speedi-Beet can now be found in numerous feeds and treats including Beet Treats, SuperMash and now SavvyMash created by Emerald Valley of Exeter, NH. SavvyMash has been designed as both a treat and a sound, high fiber meal containing an exceptional range of trace elements, antioxidants, protein, fatty acids and salts.

With less than 5 percent starch and sugar combined, Emerald Valley has "taken the bran out of the mash" and structured SavvyMash to give a balanced treat for any horse, especially for the "easy keeper." The highly palatable mix of ingredients will fit into any feeding program without disrupting nutrient balance and can be fed at any time to improve digestibility and hydration. 

As a treat, winter warmer or simply as part of a low sugar, low starch diet, SavvyMash will fit neatly into any dietary regime to complement any feeding program. Keep one in your horse trailer, tack room, feed room, saddle pack, first aid kit and, of course, one in his belly!

SavvyMash is available at tack and feed stores or online at Press release provided by Emerald
Valley Equine.