California Riding Magazine • June, 2010

Use Your Vote
Bill Horn supports private stables and boarding facilities in San Diego County.

by David Puchta

Supervisor Bill Horn stated Wednesday evening May 12th at his fundraiser at Vista Valley Country Club in San Diego County’s Vista, that he was aware of the over regulation pertaining to horse facilities. He expressed his opinion that the major use permit process is too cumbersome, too expensive, and too long of a process. He expressed several times that he wanted to assist in clean up of the policies plaguing the equine community. He is pro horse and is in full support of the property rights of horse owners. In the past Supervisor Bill Horn’s focus has consistently been on the protection of land use rights related to the agricultural community, however, the Department of Planning and Land Use has consistently, internally manipulated the zoning ordinances related to horses to exclude them from the protection normally afforded to agricultural enterprises. The regulations as they stand now are so that one horse sold or boarded on a property requires a major use permit.

Bill Horn has promised in his recent campaign to focus on land use issues related to equine facilities and implement new policies needed to streamline the process for private stables and boarding stables. San Diego County Horsemen’s Association will be assisting with the policy changes and based on his promises, is committed to Bill Horn’s campaign.

Join the San Diego County Horsemen’s Association in Voting for Bill Horn On June 8th, send your donations to his campaign headquarters or you may also make contributions online at

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- Chairperson of the Board: Steve Colburn, Creekside Veterinary