California Riding Magazine • June, 2010

Ogilvy Equestrian
Customized Half Pad offers
unique benefits for horse and rider.

Ogilvy Equestrian introduces its unique handcrafted half pad in Canada and the U.S.  After several years of product testing with Olympian Jill Henselwood, and market testing in Eastern Canada, the response to the Canadian-made Ogilvy Half Pad has been extremely positive—good news for designer Jackie-Morin Ogilvy. With more than 30 years of equestrian experience, Jackie has a lot to say about design and comfort issues for both horse and rider. The Ogilvy Half Pad is the latest result of this expertise.   

The new Ogilvy Half Pad uses memory foam to mold to the horse’s back, eliminating pressure points from the saddle. The exclusive V-shape design allows it to fit perfectly at the withers removing irritants from the horse’s neck area. The pad is made from the finest and most technologically advanced materials, like those used by professional athletes, to ensure the pad’s breathability and performance. Fine design, comfort and craftsmanship have become synonymous with Ogilvy’s equestrian products. Olympic athletes like Ian Millar and Eric Lamaze as well as many other Grand Prix riders, including Yann Candele, Beth Underhill and Nick Skelton, are all touting the benefits of the new Ogilvy Half Pad.

“Half pads currently on the market just don’t provide enough comfort for either horse or rider,” says Jackie. “It’s not just the design of our half pads that’s important, it’s the materials as well. The anti-friction materials that we use transfer movement to the interior of the pad, away from the horse, providing more freedom of movement,” she explains. Ogilvy Half Pads use superior grade memory foam that is capable of compression to 1/8” in precisely the areas where the saddle sits closest to the horse’s back. It also fills the gaps between horse and saddle, so the saddle sits snugly. The interior of the half pad is constructed using two membranes that slide against each other transferring friction from the horse’s back to the inside of the pad. The 3-D mesh acts like a pump that expands and contracts, creating airflow and providing superior shock absorption. For the underside of the pad, Ogilvy uses a high performance micro-fleece that follows the movement of the horse and increases the
pad’s stability.

Comfortable & Customizable

Ogilvy offers riders another unique benefit. Each pad can be customized. There’s a wide selection of colors to choose from with various types of coordinating trim for the edging on the pad as well as the option of embroidering a rider’s initials or the logo of a stable or sponsor in a contrasting color. “The customization of our half pads really makes them a pad you can call your own,” jokes Jackie. “I find that riders who’ve tested our pads really appreciate this very fashion forward and elegant look,” she adds. Ogilvy also offers a more classic collection for dressage riders who prefer a more conservative pad or blanket. They too can have their pads and blankets customized with
their initials.

The addition of the new half pad to the Ogilvy collection is another testament to Ogilvy’s commitment to providing the best products for
both rider and horse. The Ogilvy Half Pads are for sale at Dover Saddlery and at finer tack shops as well as on the Ogilvy Equestrian website at

Ogilvy Equestrian Inc. of Montreal is committed to providing both professional and amateur riders with equestrian products that offer the ultimate in comfort and design. It is also dedicated to researching the latest materials used by professional athletes and adapting them to its equestrian products to ensure that all of its products provide maximum comfort and performance. The exclusive collection of handcrafted Ogilvy products includes half pads, saddle pads, coolers and blankets and has become increasingly essential for the discerning rider.  Ogilvy Equestrian is committed to using recyclable materials that respect the environment. 

Press release provided by Schrenk Communications.