California Riding Magazine • February, 2010

Lynn Long Planning
and Design, LLC
Equestrian facility design and site
planning focuses on quality of life
for horses and people.

Lynn Long Planning and Design, LLC, provides design and project coordination for equestrian facilities that improve quality of life for horses and enjoyment for people.

“Barn designs haven’t changed much in 200 years, but our lives, the time we have available, and our horse situations have changed a lot,” Long observes. “Today, whether horses are our hobby or business, we need innovative and comfortable horse facilities that make horse activities easier, safer and more cost efficient.”

Over the past 18 years, dozens of beautiful equestrian projects have been designed and completed, from small acreage suburban horse properties, horse farms and equestrian or golf community amenities to multi-purpose municipal equestrian parks and trails. “Equestrian facilities should to be sustainable – financially, operationally and environmentally,” Long says. “I want to enable people to remain horse owners, riders or barn owners.”

Long has over 45 years of multi-disciplinary equestrian experience; from breeding, raising, training and showing horses in cowhorse, reining, dressage, hunter/jumper, western show events to guest ranches and NATRC competitive trail riding. She has won top 10 awards at the Open AQHA World Championship Show and championships and reserves in USEF A circuit competitions on horses she has raised and trained. To accommodate a high level of personal horse care, she has hands-on built and maintained horse facilities, seeing what works in practice, not just theory, and has been associated with large boarding, training and breeding operations.

Long is also a degreed designer and U.S. Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional. She has provided interior space design and project management for many large design/build commercial construction projects. As a result, she brings solid on-time, on-budget business principles to equestrian design. “The ability to foresee and avoid delays and costly mistakes, provide all the information each contractor will need and know what new products are worth the money is as important as horse knowledge in this business.”

A bonus is Long’s college geology minor, which helps enormously with topography, grading and arena footing. “I can plan those aspects and find ways to save money for my clients,” she notes.

Lynn Long Planning and Design, LLC, can work with any barn company in planning the barn and placing it into a great site plan. If a modular or package barn will not work for the client or their site, or they want to plan a custom barn with plenty of natural light and good air, that resembles their custom home, she can provide plans and expert advice for their architect and builder.

On and Off-Site

“I also offer something new for horse property owners with remote consulting by phone, fax and e-mail,” explains the Colorado-based Long. “Although I do travel to many projects, especially complicated sites, I can get almost the same level of information through detailed photos, site surveys and a Google Earth fly-over and photographic drive-by. These new tools enable me to provide low-cost expert help for site planning and structure design, or just to answer questions. For this service, I charge in time increments. In general, as an individual horse farm based designer, my hourly rate for all projects is very affordable for the services I provide, and I am always just a phone
call away.“

A specialty is targeted planning and design for developers of equestrian lifestyle and golf and equestrian communities that will be economically viable and desirable into the future. These communities need to be planned better to suit a wider range of equestrian buyers. “I am also very interested in ‘new urbanism’ for horses; bringing affordable horse communities, in new and innovative formats, to the populated areas where people need to live and work.”

Whether new or remodeling, private or commercial, equestrian site and barn planning is regional in design and application. Design and construction challenges are very different between mountainous areas, with snow and adverse weather issues, coastal climates with wild fire concerns and suburban small horse properties with covenants to be met and close neighbors. A successful design in one area may not be the best elsewhere. Long applies vast experience and creative vision to find the best solution for all types of equestrian facilities, whether custom designed or modular barn construction.

From this wealth of multi-disciplinary and practical experience, Long understands how to integrate smart horse accommodation requirements into beautiful and stylish facilities for their owner’s benefit, utilizing proprietary innovations that take horses and owners to a higher level of safety, comfort and convenience. Clients’ projects are exactly tailored for their needs while remaining easily resalable, designed within their budget and sustainable over the long term.

Lynn Long can be reached by phone at 303-688-2142, by e-mail at, or through her website at or