California Riding Magazine • February, 2010

Custom Covers By Cheryl
Equine laundry business and
mobile shop meet myriad needs.

by Nan Meek

Custom Covers by Cheryl is a familiar sight at horse shows all over California. In fact, the variety of shows at which Cheryl Chandler is a vendor may be exceeded only by the variety of equestrian products she sells. With over 25 years of personal and professional experience, Chandler provides expertise along with everything else.
There are two complementary sides to her business. There’s the equine laundry side, and the horse show mobile shop side, both of which meet the needs of anyone and everyone with horses.

Custom Covers by Cheryl can be found at hunter/jumper and dressage shows throughout Northern California, as well as Bishop Mule Days and the Draft Horse Classic in Grass Valley. Operating from her Half Moon Bay home base, her laundry business covers as much territory as the US Postal Service, UPS and FedEx combined. All you have to do is get your equine laundry there – Chandler does the rest.

When it comes to hospitality tents, tack room furnishings, stall drapes and everything that goes along with them, Chandler has it covered. She carries an extensive selection of choices and can have anything you need custom made. In fact, her customers include some of the top hunter/jumper barns at Thermal, as well as trainers in the western show world.

Custom Covers provides custom blankets, coolers, scrims and any other wardrobe necessity a horse and its owner could want. Possibly more: when a horse rolls in something unmentionable, then proceeds to tear the tail flap and surcingles off his blanket, Chandler can take care of that, too. The laundry and repair side of her business is always ready to keep serviceably sound horse clothing working for another season or two. Washing, waterproofing and repairing are stand-bys that her customers depend on.

Humans aren’t overlooked, either. Custom Covers offers every conceivable item to protect and preserve your show attire, tack and other equipment, from garment bags to boot bags to saddle covers and beyond. And don’t forget stable jackets, caps and more. All in a myriad of color combinations, plus … embroidery.

Whether you’re looking for barn logos, equine names or even your own monogram embroidered on just about anything, Custom Covers is your source. It’s something she takes pride in providing, and it’s something she knows makes a special product or gift even more special.

Stop by Custom Covers’ booth at the shows, and visit her web site,, to find out the latest from Custom Covers by Cheryl.