California Riding Magazine • February, 2010

SmartPak Equine's
Point Two Pro Air Jacket
Lightweight jacket using airbag
technology makes equestrian sport safer.

Riding can be dangerous. Each year thousands of riders suffer serious, even life threatening, injuries from falls. SmartPak Equine™ is taking rider safety one step further by offering the newest innovative safety technology on the market. The Point Two Pro Air Jacket, previously sold only in Europe, has revolutionized safety in the equine world by combining the latest airbag technology within a lightweight and comfortable jacket. The Pro Air, available at SmartPak, is the first inflatable jacket for the equine market sold in the U.S. and is their newest design, which inflates faster than the previous versions available in Europe.

“Our customers are going to love how effective this product is,” states Rebecca Minard, founder of SmartPak Equine. “Whether you’re an eventer, fox hunter, bull rider or even a jockey or exercise rider, the Point Two Pro Air Jacket offers an additional protective measure that is so important in equine sports.” According to Lee Middleton, designer of the Point Two Pro Air Jacket, “The vest reaches full inflation in 0.1 seconds offering protection to the collar of the neck, spine, coccyx and rib cage. It also offers significant shock absorption protection, distributes pressure and above all, effectively supports the spinal column so that the neck and trunk have limited movement.”

Endorsed by many top riders including eventers Lucinda Green, Oliver Townend and Piggy French, the Point Two Pro Air Jacket has accumulated a loyal following. Eight out of the top 10 riders at Burghley competed wearing the Point Two Pro Air Jacket.

The unique airbag is only activated if the rider is separated from the horse so that it does not hinder the rider’s movement while riding. A simple “click” is all it takes to connect the rider to the saddle. The Point Two Pro Air Jacket is completely reusable after simple replacement of the CO² gas cartridge. It is available in sizes small, medium and large, based on the rider’s height.

The SmartPak Equine catalog is the only national catalog in the USA able to offer the Point Two Pro Air Jacket. SmartPak Equine made its debut in the equine health care market with their flagship innovation, the SmartPak™, providing name-brand supplements and pharmaceuticals in custom, daily-dose packages, and has since dramatically expanded its product line to include an ever growing list of riding apparel and horse tack and equipment.

Press release provided by SmarkPak Equine.
For more information about the Point Two Pro Air Jacket, visit the SmartPak Equine website at or call 800-461-8898.