California Riding Magazine • January, 2010

Omega Fields®
Midwest company brings
highest quality stabilized ground
flaxseed to West Coast horses.

The benefits of flaxseed to humans have been well known for many years and savvy horse owners recognize the seeds’ value to their horses, too. One of the pioneers in providing stabilized ground flaxseed for horses is Omega Fields, the Wisconsin company whose quality products include Omega Horseshine®, Product of the Year and Best in Nutrition, according to The Horse Journal. Recent accolades include “Our first pick – most concentrated source of Omega-3”, “Recommended immune-boosting product” in The Horse Journal Guide to Equine Supplements and Nutraceuticals.

“Flax will put bloom on a horse – fast,” says The Horse Journal in explaining its product pick. “It contains those important essential fatty acids, heavily tipped in favor of the omega-3s. It can also strengthen your horse’s immune system, improve mineral absorption and help control chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis. Our favorite is Omega Horseshine, which offers a combination of quality and good price.”

“People are becoming more aware of the need to supplement their horse’s diets with omega-3 essential fats,” states Omega Fields’ President and Owner, Sean Moriarty. “These omega-3s can be obtained through stabilized ground flaxseed. Not only is it good-tasting, it also offers soluble fiber, lignans and protein.”

Back in the day when horses ran wild, they grazed on natural grasses for their nutritional needs. Natural grass has a perfect balance of four parts omega-3 to one part omega-6, which is the essential ratio for good health in horses and humans. “Since many horses are not allowed fresh, live forage, they really need Omega Horseshine’s stabilized ground flaxseed, which contains the same ratio of 4:1 omega-3 to omega-6 as natural grass,” Moriarty explains.

Omega Fields equine products have been available online and through West Coast tack, feed and farm supply stores for some time and their availability is due to increase with the appointment of Jeremy Lewis as Director of Sales – West. Complementing Allison Kellogg, Director of Sales – East, he is responsible for new business development to improve the availability of Omega Fields’ products throughout the western United States, managing existing customer accounts and representing Omega Fields at equine and canine trade shows.

Omega Fields’ star product, Omega Horseshine is an omega-3 stabilized, ground flaxseed supplement that helps maintain a shiny healthy coat, strong solid hooves and top performance for horses in all life stages. Dry scaly itchy skin, joint pain and inflammation, poor hoof growth and allergies are among the conditions that Horseshine can help improve. It can also be helpful for pregnant mares because the foal’s fast-growing brain, eye and organ cells use up all available omega-3s from the mare. Many unsolicited testimonials from satisfied horse owners are featured on

The benefits of flaxseed are also available in treat-size Omega Nibblers from Omega Fields.

Finally, Omega Grande® COMPLETE has the performance of five products in one easy-to-feed COMPLETE supplement. The formula contains stabilized, ground, whole flaxseed, stabilized rice bran, ground grain sorghum seeds (powerful plant based antioxidants), custom-blended vitamins and minerals, Diamond V® yeast (probiotic), and biotin to maintain a shiny, healthy coat; strong, solid hooves; strong immune system and digestive stability for horses in all life stages.

This COMPLETE supplement contains the best ratios of the full spectrum of natural EFAs – higher in omega-3 and 9, lower in omega-6 – along with synergistic plant and vitamin-based antioxidants.

“In today’s world where horse owners are concerned with feeding excess grain to their horses, Omega Grande COMPLETE provides the COMPLETE answer,” explains Kris Hiney, PhD, who custom-designed the Omega Grande COMPLETE supplement. Formulated to provide the essential vitamins and minerals required by performance horses with the added benefits of stabilized omega-3 fatty acids, Omega Grande COMPLETE eliminates the need for extra supplementation.”

Other popular products in the Omega Fields line include Omega Canine Shine™ supplement and Omega Nuggets treats. Horse & Rider and Canine and Companion Gift Sets, capitalize on the fact that Omega Fields serves the human health market, too. The ingredients in its animal products are produced to meet human grade standards.

Omega Fields’ parent company, ENRECO, INC. was founded in 1987 and it began producing stabilized ground flaxseed products for horses soon after. The flax used in their products comes from Canada because of the richness in the essential oils found in the make-up of flax grown there, Moriarty notes. The next step is a proprietary stabilization process developed many years ago by ENRECO’s founder. “The process assures that ground flaxseed will not oxidize and become rancid,” he explains. “Our products remain stabilized for a minimum of one full year.”

“This is very important to our retailers who desire a longer shelf life,” Moriarty continues, “and to our end-users who really love our freshness guarantee. Our proprietary process gives us a unique selling position in the marketplace.”

Above all, Omega Fields prides itself on putting its highest priority on serving its customers and their animals. Moriarty recounts many examples of a company vice president interrupting business meetings to take calls answering the questions of individual horse owners. “Not only do we stand behind our products,” Moriarty concludes, “we do everything we can to satisfy our customers and provide them with excellent information and consistent product quality they want, need and have come to expect from Omega Fields.”

For more information on Omega Fields’ products, visit or call 877-663 4203.