California Riding Magazine • January, 2010

Creekside Veterinary Service
San Diego practice offers everything
from the simplest to the most
sophisticated equine reproductive
and general health care.

Creekside Veterinary Service has a proud history of providing cutting edge technology with personalized care for its diverse clientele. Founded by Steven Colburn, DVM, the practice is largely known for veterinarians that provide fast, friendly, affordable service that gets results. Located in San Diego County’s Escondido, Creekside has the capabilities and the staff to handle all aspects of equine health care from simple vaccinations to the latest in stem cell therapy and everything in between.

One specialty provided by Creekside is assisted equine reproduction. “We are set up to take care of all aspects of the breeding process,” Colburn explains. Equine breeding has mainly been something large farms would undertake to produce large foal crops to sell for revenue. In recent years, however, the veterinarian has noticed that more individual owners are interested in breeding their horses. Cooled or frozen semen, embryo transfer and other modes of assisted reproduction create great odds for conception in mares of all ages, often after or sometimes during a successful competitive career. Creekside has several options for performing embryo transfers, including doing it right at the owner’s facility.

Creekside Veterinary Service’s beautiful facility in Escondido.

“A lot of people want to take advantage of what technology has made possible,” observes Colburn, whose patients include hunter/jumper, dressage and western performance horses. “It can be intimidating.” Creekside has the staff, the experience and the equipment to handle all the breeding details, allowing owners to fully enjoy the process.

The practice offers several options for mare care. Moms-to-be can stay at a breeding facility during insemination, gestation and delivery and on through the weaning of their foal, including being bred back as quickly as 30 days after foaling if circumstances warrant. “What is also appealing to our clients is the fact that we can perform all the advanced reproduction at home so the mares never have to leave,” Colburn notes. He and his staff have cared for horses at everything from huge breeding businesses to mom-and-pop shops and are confident in the conception rates produced using the latest techniques.

Colburn is one of four Creekside Veterinary Service veterinarians. He and Drs. Andrew Walker, Jeffrey Moss and Tad Bender are all UC Davis graduates. These vets all grew up in San Diego’s North County community and continue to support it through sponsorships of local riding clubs and horse shows, 4H and FFA groups, and, of course, their presence at the Del Mar Fair auction.

Creekside’s commitment to cutting edge technology includes capabilities in digital radiography, platelet-rich plasma, IRAP therapy, endoscopy and advanced equine dentistry. Creekside’s dentistry work is all done by a veterinarian specially trained in dentistry, not just a technician with a minimal knowledge of the process, Colburn notes.

Regardless of the equipment or technique used, Creekside’s hallmark will continue to be care and compassion for its patients and their owners. “We understand the intimate bond between animals and their caretakers,” says Colburn. “We strive to preserve the dignity of this bond at all times."

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