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Karen Borne founded Borné Saddlery, a mobile and internet-based company, in 2000 in order to serve the equestrian community with apparel products. As a former Friesian owner, Borne soon learned that certain horses were difficult to fit with “off the rack” saddles. Before long she saw an unfulfilled need for truly custom saddles that could be individually built to meet the needs of hard-to-fit horses. With this in mind, Borné offers a broad range of saddles incorporating different tree shapes to accommodate a variety of conformations. Demand for these luxurious yet functional saddles grew quickly, and today Borne focuses on her custom saddles as well as leather accessories such as bridles, girths and stirrup leathers.

Karen Borne, Owner - Borné Saddlery

Borné Saddlery specializes in “bespoke” saddles, which are individually made to fit both horse and rider. Special attention is given to tree shape, panel design and rider specifications to achieve the best possible fit. Having owned a performance horse, Borne fully understands the importance of proper biomechanics and how tack plays a vital role in effortless communication of the aids.

Borné’s innovative saddle designs appeal to today’s modern rider with an emphasis on next generation technology and proper fit to encourage an elevated level of performance. As an example, a New England client approached Borné Saddlery to create a seat to minimize shock to her lower back. She had undergone back surgery for a ruptured disk and could not find any dressage saddle that met her needs. With this information in mind, Borné designed a custom seat for her with personalized angles and new anti-shock material embedded into the seat. After riding in her new saddle for several weeks, she reported she could sit “effortlessly” and “did not even think about the saddle anymore.”

What Makes Borné Saddlery Unique?

1) One man in Scotland handcrafts every Borné saddle from start to finish. The manufacturing of Borné saddles is not outsourced to other countries nor are they built on an assembly line. This Master Saddler (Master Saddler in the Trade, The Society of Master Saddlers, UK) achieved this distinction in record time due to his outstanding ability to integrate Old World saddle-making wisdom with out-of- the-box thinking.
Benefit – Consistency and high quality artisanship.

Andrew Sankey - Master Saddlery, Trade
Society of Master Saddlers, U.K.

2) Borne reviews each client’s order together with the Master Saddler to assure they tailor a beautiful saddle that allows riding to be effortless in ways the rider might never have imagined possible.
Benefit – A highly personalized approached to customization.

3) Independent Professionals fit Borné Saddles. A high value is placed on correctly fitting both horse and rider such that only select experienced saddle fitters trained in Borné Saddlery specifications may fit them. Standards of proper fit and balance are not compromised in order to make a sale.
Benefit – Integrity without compromise.

4) Each Borné Saddle is uniquely designed based on both horse and rider conformation. Every customizable component of a saddle can be designed to accommodate differing needs. Consideration is given to the rider regarding seat size, knee roll shape and length, as well as the relationship between the balance point of the seat and rider leg proportions.
Benefit – Highly customized options to meet rider specification.

5) While comfortably affordable, Borné Saddlery offers only high quality materials for the most discerning rider.
Benefit – No sacrifice of quality for price.

In addition to Borné’s beautiful saddle line, the company is debuting a new bridle line in 2010. Professional bridle makers who espouse the same quality ideals make the bridles in the United Kingdom. Every bridle is made with premium Sedgwick Leather and special attention is given to proper stitching and quality fittings.

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