California Riding Magazine • November, 2009

We Cover Arenas
Durable fabric roofs bring the
bright outdoors into lovely indoor riding
and stabling environments.

Let there be light!

That’s the first thing that strikes riders enjoying their horses inside a clear span covered arena using We Cover Structure’s engineered fabric roofs. The remarkable fabric involved does not conduct the extreme heat or cold of outside temperatures, but it does bring in the bright light of day, flooding the interior with natural brightness. The translucent roof spreads soft light evenly into every corner of the building, eliminating dark shadows and harsh lighting. Even on an overcast day, a We Cover arena rarely needs electric lighting. “It feels like you are riding outside,” says Quinn Tucker, whose Rocky Mountain Structures serves as the Western sales representative for the Ontario, Canada-based We Cover Structures.

The minimal need for lighting reveals another of the product’s pluses: long-term cost savings. By using natural light, barn owners often see an 80 percent savings versus the lighting costs associated with a same size structure built of steel, Tucker reports. For similar reasons, these buildings are less expensive to heat and keep cool. Tucker lives in Utah where he’s able to keep close tabs on clients who enjoy these buildings through the region’s harsh winters. “I have one customer who swears there’s a 20-plus degree difference in temperature between the outdoors and inside his building,” Tucker states. “He reported that it was 18 degrees below zero outside at night, but his stable was 40 degrees inside with no heat on.”

The comfortable temperature is a function of the building absorbing the day’s heat. For customers in the coldest climates there is an option of adding an extra layer of fabric to the cover. This creates an air gap that adds insulation. In milder winter climates, a small space heater will create a comfortable riding temperature in a short time, Tucker notes. He estimates that customers can keep the building warm for a fourth of what it would cost in a building of steel-frame construction.

Plenty Of Pluses

These arenas also provide plenty of galloping room. The clear span roof can cover a 200-foot wide area, and can be constructed in unlimited lengths. Custom designs enable widths of up to 275 feet.
Environments created by We Cover arenas are quiet, too. Pristine conditions include minimal wind noise. The tight roof panel design and traditional sidewalls eliminate flapping which can cause horses to become easily distracted. The vented sidewalls and roof keep the arena cool and free of moisture.

Durability is another plus. “These are probably more durable than steel,” says Tucker. “They come in two types of fabric, with 15 and 25 year warranties, respectively. It’s a polyethelene base fabric that doesn’t rip. You should get 20 to 25 years. Compared against the maintenance expenses of a steel structure over that time period, the We Cover option will be a lot less expensive,” Tucker says.

Such practical matters as saving money are essential in any economy, but for most horse owners, building their dream barn involves much more than dollars and sense. We Cover’s straight side walls and traditional peaked roof line set the stage for an infinite variety of complementary external designs and materials and interior riding, stabling and/or relaxing environments.

We Cover recommends white roof fabric to conduct maximum light, but beyond that the walls, windows and doors under the roof can be built to suit any vision. Working closely with customers throughout every phase of the dream, design and building phases, We Cover personnel can help match the design of other buildings on the property. Stone, brick, stucco and Craftsman-style woodwork are just a few of the options that fit perfectly.

For more information, visit or call Quinn Tucker at 801-829-8401.