California Riding Magazine • November, 2009

Pennfield Feed
Mary’s Tack & Feed brings famous feed to Southern California.

Every two years, while the selection committees ponder who will represent the United States, another selection process is underway: This one to determine who will feed our horses while they represent our country. For the last four games – 2002 Jerez, 2004 Athens, 2006 Aachen and 2008 Beijing – Pennfield Feed was the feed of choice for our World Equestrian Games and Olympic equestrian teams, because, just like them, Pennfield demonstrates the highest level of consistent quality.

It’s credentials like this that makes Pennfield Feed, which was also awarded the designation of Official Feed of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) in late 2008, the most sought-after feed in the country. Now that same feed of champions will be available to every rider in the Southern California area.

Pennfield Equine Feed Technologies is especially pleased to announce that after exhaustive research in the Southern California area, they’ve formalized their first official partnership with a Del Mar feed dealer who stands up to both their stringent “safe feed/safe food” and customer service standards, and has meet the criteria for becoming a Premier Pennfield Feed Dealer. As of November, for the first time in California history, Pennfield Feed will be available for purchase through Mary’s Tack & Feed in Del Mar.

Pennfield has already started feeding some of Southern California’s own Olympic champions. Three-time Bronze Olympic Medalist Guenter Seidel and 2000 Bronze Olympic Medalist Christine Traurig officially came on board as Pennfield Promise Partners in late October. They join the ranks of other Olympic and International Promise Partners such as Michael Barisone, Georgina Bloomberg, Jon and Christine McCrea, Phillip Dutton, Karen and David O’Connor, Buck and Bruce Davidson, Bonnie Mosser, Kim Severson, John Williams and Chester Weber. More California champions in several different disciplines are slated to come on board as Promise Partners in the coming months.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with how this launch into Southern California has been going. There’s a lot of superb horsemanship out on the West Coast, and the need to have Pennfield Feed available out there has been long overdue,” explains Jeff Katelan, national sales and marketing manager for Pennfield’s Country Life Products. “Our relationship with USEF has helped this process along tremendously. We’re a small, family-owned company in Lancaster, PA who for generations has staked their entire reputation in the industry on the cleanliness of their facility, and subsequently the superb quality and consistency of the feed that comes out their doors. For many years now, the USEF has clearly felt that closely guarded quality makes Pennfield Feed the best choice to feed our American team horses when they represent the United States, believing the feed is every bit as important as the training, shoeing and vet care. Therefore, they’ve been an integral part of our expansion process, and have really been championing our ongoing efforts to make the same feed that’s chosen to fuel our champions available to every equestrian from coast to coast.”

Quality Standards

So what makes Pennfield Feed different? Long before they were chosen to feed our American horses at the Games, or awarded the USEF Official Feed designation, Pennfield set an honestly unmatched standard for quality, in formulas, consistency and ingredients. Besides their incredibly clean, highly efficient facility, they produce strictly 100 percent fixed formula feeds using ingredients from the same trusted suppliers. They use natural vitamin E and organic selenium yeast for superior bioavailability and hindgut tolerance, and incorporate vitamin and mineral premix by Kentucky Equine Research, the leader in cutting-edge international equine nutrition research.

But the proof is always in the horses. Riders like Karen O’Connor live by that rule. She’s fed Pennfield to her horses for almost three decades. Others like Phillip Dutton and Bruce Davidson have fed Pennfield for well over a dozen years. And they’ve all had champions in their barns – consistently. Now that Pennfield is available in Southern California, let your champion give it a try for a couple months, and see what they have to say.

Press release provided by Pennfield. For more information on Pennfield Feed, go to Mary’s website at, or visit their Del Mar or San Juan Capistrano stores. You can also visit Pennfield Equine Feed Technologies at, or call 717-295-8735.